Cute as a Pair of Buttons – Taylor Coleman and Jack Philips in Practice Makes Perfect

Here’s an overview of Practice Makes Perfect – (which showcases the talents of our fresh-faced younger models). In this example, super cuties Jack Philips and Taylor Coleman enjoy a flipping good time as they show off their tight bodies and flexibility. Here’s Jack giving his scene partner a typically coquettish look from those enticing baby … Read more

One Step at a Time – Blake Mitchell and Angel Rivera

Two Helix stars – Blake Mitchell and Angel Rivera – both recently announced they were taking a break from filming with the studio. Here’s an overview of their scene together from last year (In-Store Pick Up) in the style of a review contrasting their respective input to this ‘final’ scene together. Angel shows he’s prepared … Read more

College Jock Corey Marshall Neglects His Studies with Dainty Dish Danny Nelson

Corey Marshall and Danny Nelson

Dick Distraction features college hunk Corey Marshall trying to write an essay for class. Meanwhile, his cute as a button BF Danny Nelson decides the best way to exercise the brain is to get the blood flowing with some non-cerebral activity. Here’s how Corey’s teacher might fill in his essay report describing the action. Corey … Read more

More Than Just a Hands Spanking – Spankee’s POV Twink Punishment

Naughty boy Riley Finch took some butt-slapping punishment from tall jock top Johnny Hands in the Spank This scene – Hands On. Here’s some cheek-reddening pics from the clip, with descriptions of the action based on what Riley might have been thinking at the time. Ever since Johnny moved into the Helix Mansion I’ve had … Read more

Cake Tasting Contest – Yummy Twinks Right Up to the Rim

If you’re a fan of the kind of twink and jock asses that feature in the scenes on the Helix site – and let’s face it, who isn’t? – you’ll no doubt appreciate the art of rimming that is frequently in evidence. Here’s a review of some of the finest examples, as though we were … Read more

A Classic Mix of Youth and Experience – Andy Taylor Flips with Angel Rivera

Long term favorite twink legend Andy Taylor has certainly been busy since his return to porn a few months back. One recent outing – Blazing Bareback, co-starring one of last year’s brightest new stars, Angel Rivera – is his fifth scene in a little over 2 months. Not that his legion of fans will be … Read more

Boys Do Make Passes at Guys Who Wear Glasses – In Praise of Blake Mitchell’s Facial Adornment

Superstar jock hunk Blake Mitchell has a few physical traits that make him instantly recognizable – such as his well-developed body, lion tattoo and his hole-stretching cock. But the item that’s probably his trademark is the glasses he can be seen wearing in 99% of his scenes. We’ve selected a few that feature this gorgeous … Read more