Helix Studios Expands Weekly Scene Releases

Summer is heating up, and so are Tuesday nights at HelixStudios.com! Beginning June 16th, members can look forward to an additional new release every Tuesday night at 9pm PST. Filmed on location in Argentina and presented with original Spanish dialogue and English subtitles, Helix Studios has partnered with ALFa Productions to deliver an erotic escape … Read more

Enter the Hottest House Ever

The Helix Mansion is every boy’s dream Nestled somewhere in the Las Vegas Valley, behind closed gates, lies a paradise for the porn-positive. Such is the life of those that work for Helix Studios. I had an exclusive peek behind the gilded gates for a look at what makes this company stand out. The Home … Read more

Helix Studios: Meet the Producers

Helix producer Casey Roman, director Alex Roman, and 8teenboy director Max Carter discuss what it takes to make you cum. I’m especially partial to the boy toys here at Helix that bear their soul and skin for the depths of our pleasure. But there is another team that gives it their all behind the scenes. … Read more

God of Desire: Helix Models bring Himeros to Life

Davey Wavey uses Helix superstars and divine inspiration for new erotic content Imagine learning how to indulge your every fantasy by a Greek God himself. Sound tantalizing? Gay YouTube icon Davey Wavey may not be a god (though with those biceps, he comes close) but he takes his inspiration from Himeros, the God of Sexual … Read more

Lifeguards: Behind The Scenes

It’s not a secret anymore, lifeguards are taking over Helix Studios! The first scene of “Lifeguards: Summer Session” will debut to streaming members at 9pst on Wednesday, August 17th. Dreams come true in this sensual tour of the Southern California lifestyle. Imagine breaking into the lifeguard clique and being invited back home for after-sun fun. The fantasy … Read more

BTS of Best Sex Scene “Sex en Rouge”

In honor of Sex en Rouge winning “Scene of the Year” at the 2015 Cybersocket Awards, we’re taking a look back at all that went into making this groundbreaking project. Here are a few facts about Sex en Rouge you may remember, and some you probably never knew. 1) Sex en Rouge marked Liam Riley’s … Read more

BEHIND THE SCENES: The Art of Breaking Up

As Neil Sedaka famously sang, “Breaking up is hard to do”. It is understood that romantic relationships are complex, that love is not always enough and things can fall apart for a myriad of reasons. The challenges of maintaining a relationship within the pressure cooker of the big city is the focus of Helix Studios’ … Read more

Helix Studios Nightclub Takeover!

The spot to be Wednesday night was the first ever Helix Studios Takeover at RICH’S Nightclub in the heart of Hillcrest. It was an evening of VIP treatment as fans packed San Diego’s largest gay club to rub shoulders with the Helix Models and go wild for the sex charged go-go performances of Andy Taylor, Stefan … Read more

Love is…

Coming home to see your lover  Running your hand through his hair Being in his arms Knowing where he’s ticklish Sharing a kiss Sharing a bed Working with your friends Dressing down with your friends Cheez-Its Reuniting! Love is something all of us here at Helix Studios would like to extend to you, especially on … Read more