When Models Move On

Imagine working a job until retirement, celebrating decades with the same company. In the porn world, it is rare—if not inconceivable—that a model makes a long-term career filming. I’m not referencing time with a particular studio, but a tenure in the industry at all. I’m lucky to work for an owner who values employing models … Read more

Hannah Gadsby and the Plight of the Quiet Gays

“[T]he pressure on my people to express our identity and pride through the metaphor of party is very intense.” With that one quote, gays in all corners of the flyover states stood up and cheered at the television screen. 40-year-old breakout comic superstar had lent voice to rural gays across the country and around the … Read more

Porn Stars are People First

I’ve been working in the adult entertainment industry for approximately five months, and in that short period, I’ve learned more about boundary issues, detrimental decision-making, and pervasive obliviousness than I did after earning my Bachelors of Science in Applied Developmental Psychology. Perhaps you think the behavior I’m referencing is that of the models, people who … Read more

Scott’s Favorite Five Bottoms

Scott Rogers is at it again, this time talking about his favorite bottom boys from the Helix roster! A couple months ago, I wrote about my five favorite tops. Now, it’s time to examine (or should I say probe?) some choice bottom twinks. Same as before, these are my opinions with a bit of input … Read more

Helix Studios’ Top Five Tops

Your venerable and always-horny blog-post-host, Scott Rogers, gives you dear readers his hot take on his favorite tops. Yes, he did just write this headline in third person. Sometimes it’s their cocks. Sometimes it’s their thrust and fire power. Sometimes, they just look at the camera in a way that communicates they know exactly what … Read more

Why Gay Sports Are Better Than Gay Bars For Meeting Guys!

If you haven’t discovered the world of gay sports leagues you are missing out. Not only are these groups typically fun, but there are generally lots of opportunities to meet guys, really cute ones. No matter what sport you may prefer there is probably a gay sports team or association somewhere local if you live … Read more

Keep Pride Colorful

You think of Gay Pride weekend, you think of sun. Rainbow flags. Rainbow everything. Glitter. Body parts on display. Abs built over the last three months on a rigorous diet of protein shakes, red bull, and the occasional splurged skittle. You think of bulging packages barely contained in ultra sheer bikini briefs, bouncing to thumping … Read more

a twink by any other name

True to its namesake, the Twink is regarded as the skinny, golden, cream-filled snack cake of the gay world. Perpetually fresh, sugary and delicious, but essentially junk food; empty calories, devoid of nutrition or substance. On one hand: young and thin. On the other: effeminate and vapid. With its full range of positive and negative … Read more

7 Ways to Overcome the Fear of Rejection

The fear of being rejected by someone you have a crush on can be overwhelming, but some level of rejection is inevitable in life and shouldn’t prevent us from pursuing someone we love. This fear of unrequited love is a common experience from youth through adulthood but we can learn to manage and overcome these negative feelings:   1. … Read more