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College Jock Corey Marshall Neglects His Studies with Dainty Dish Danny Nelson

Corey Marshall and Danny Nelson
Written by Ross

Dick Distraction features college hunk Corey Marshall trying to write an essay for class. Meanwhile, his cute as a button BF Danny Nelson decides the best way to exercise the brain is to get the blood flowing with some non-cerebral activity. Here’s how Corey’s teacher might fill in his essay report describing the action.

Danny Nelson sucks Corey Marshall

Corey is one of those students who likes to sit back and watch the other students get on with things – sometimes biting off more than they can chew, as we saw throughout the year with Danny. And as has often been the case for most of this term, Corey’s choice of essay title is proving to be a real mouthful.

Corey Marshall plows Danny Nelson

I’ve noticed many times with Corey’s writing that he’s content for himself to hang around in the background, letting the main thrust of his argument do all the talking for him. (Unlike his classmate, Danny, who always ensures his own point of view is prominently on display front and center).

Corey Marshall rims Danny Nelson

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – if there’s one of my students I can rely on to sniff out the core of a topic, it’s Corey. As he demonstrates here, his unerring nose for what’s really important has seen him get right to the bottom of the matter as usual.

Danny Nelson sits on Corey Marshall

Sometimes, though, Corey’s laid-back approach to the matter in hand can see his perspective being entirely smothered by the views of another member of the class. More often than not it’s Danny who seeks out the rod that runs through the heart of Corey’s argument, allowing the 2 of them to meld together into something more than the sum of their parts.

Corey Marshall plows Danny Nelson sideways

But once again Corey has been able to spring a surprise in the later stages, completely turning Danny’s outlook on its side and relentlessly probing at what has turned out to be his fleshy and pliable center – leaving Corey’s view as the dominant actor in the piece.

Danny Nelson with legs in air plowed by Corey Marshall

Which only brings us to the inevitable denouement – Danny’s angle on things being now forced into taking a back seat as he relinquishes control and leaves his own viewpoint somewhat up in the air.

Once again Corey has demonstrated his mastery of the subject in hand and I have no hesitation in awarding him Top marks.

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