• Sports: What’s My Time?

    Track star Josh Brady is running in the park with boyfriend Aaron Roberts timing him. The hot, sweaty jock shaved almost a minute off his time, and wants to go again. But his too cute twink boyfriend convinces him otherwise, … Read more

  • Beach Bums: Florida | Part Two

    When Keagan Case’s boy leaves him alone on the beach, it’s Silas Brooks that comes in to save the day. He brings cutie Keagan into the gorgeous group of Helix hotties staying at the beach house, and our boy has … Read more

  • Sports: Can I Play?

    Seth Peterson and his buddy are playing volleyball in the park when cute twink Luca Ambrose saunters up and asks Seth if he can play. While Peterson’s other pal is left trying to get their attention, some heavy flirting is … Read more

  • Beach Bums: Florida | Part One

    One of our most popular series, “Beach Bums,” is BACK! And, this time we’re slutting up the sunny beaches of south Florida! Keegan heads to the beach solo; but when one is that young and cute he won’t be alone … Read more

  • Ride: Sin City

    Porn superstars Travis Stevens and Jace Myers are in Sin City with nothing but hot cars and hot sex on the brain. The gorgeous duo put one another through their paces during a night of pretty boy passion on the … Read more

  • The Lake House: Arizona | Part Five

    It’s the guy’s last night at the lake house and they’re all looking to make it count! Splashing around in the pool and flirting up a storm! Anxious to stir up another kind of fun, Spencer Locke and Silas Brooks … Read more

  • Sports: Soccer Practice

    Hot jock Josh Brady, and lusty latin twink Luca Ambrose spend the day at the park practicing for their big soccer game coming up. Brady has had his eye on Ambrose for a while, and teases the twink by taking … Read more

  • Award Winning, Young Love, Drama; Return to Helix Academy now Available on DVD!

    At the 2021 Grabby Awards in Chicago, ‘Return To Helix Academy’ not only won the award for ‘Best Movie / Web Series’, the movie’s director, Alex Roman, won in the ‘Best Director Movie / Web Series’ category and Helix star, … Read more

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