Aiden Garcia and Johnny Hands Do It Themselves

Hot Latin twink Aiden Garcia is joined by tall top hunk Johnny Hands for a spot of ‘do it yourself’ handyman work in the recent Helix update – Hard Bargain. Here’s an overview of the hot action in the style of a home improvements instruction manual.

Aiden Garcia sucks Johnny Hands

It’s very important to have all your tools to hand when you’re contemplating any job in the home. As we can see from this illustration, our 2 handymen have got things prepared just the way they should be, with Aiden knowing exactly how to reach out for the correct implement for the job in hand.

Johnny Hands sucks Aiden Garcia

Johnny is also very handy when it comes to picking the right tool for the project he’s undertaking. Here we can see him keeping a close eye on the particular gadget he’ll be using once he gets his teeth into the job. Dexterity and fingertip precision are always going to be useful skills for the kind of activity he’s about to carry out.

Johnny Hands rims Aiden Garcia

It’s also essential that you set things up correctly before pressing ahead with the main bulk of the process. Here we can see Johnny ensuring that the area where the moving parts are to be located is sufficiently lubricated, while Aiden gets things into just the right position for the next stage.

Johnny Hands plows Aiden Garcia from behind

And this is where you can really see the benefit of the earlier preparation – Aiden being able to tell the exact position of Johnny’s tool even with his eyes closed. It’s also fundamental to achieving the right result to ensure that what you’re working on is kept stable – negating the effects of the inevitable friction that will result from the piston-like motion in action.

AIden Garcia sits on Johnny Hands

Of course, not everyone will be able to handle their equipment as well as these two master craftsmen. Johnny here demonstrating just how good he is with his hands while at the same time being able to take a relaxed view of the situation. Aiden really displaying that ‘in the zone’ quality he knows he can always fall back on when required.

Aiden Garcia with legs in air plowed by Johnny Hands

And here we can see a perfect demonstration of the flexibility of this arrangement – both guys being able to deliver to the best of their ability based on the respective roles they’ve been assigned for the task. No wonder both Aiden and Johnny look like they’re satisfied with a job well done.

And with them carrying out the work themselves, it certainly hasn’t cost an arm and a leg!

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