Helix Studios Signs Pheonix Fellington Exclusive

Helix Studios is pleased to announce that we’ve signed our latest exclusive, Pheonix Fellington! Winner of GAYVN’s Best Newcomer and formerly seen on Raging Stallion and Naked sword, his introductory scene with Tyler Sweet was tasty indeed! https://twitter.com/HelixStudios/status/1120832337590177792 Speaking about his experiences so far, it sounds like a perfect fit: “I’m so happy to be … Read more

Five Fresh Faces Join the Helix Roster

Spring has nearly sprung and Helix Studios is proud to introduce a bevy of beautiful new exclusives who are ready to bloom on screen for you. This week, five scorching stunners signed on with the studio, bringing with them fresh faces and effervescent energy.  From an 8teenBoy graduate to a couple of rookie performers and … Read more

The Rise of Landon Vega

Landon Vega

From his coming-out trauma to finding himself on camera Those that have seen the work of Landon Vega at Helix know what a sweet soul he is. As laid back as one would expect, Landon says he was more excited about the adventures the industry provides. “To be honest, I was more excited for traveling … Read more

Three Cheers for Marcell Tykes

“I’ve always been complimented on having a nice ass.” One of Helix’s freshly minted bottoms, tiny Marcell Tykes is the kind of twink you wanna put in your pocket and take home. His peppy personality can keep anyone captivated for hours. And that’s exactly how it should be, considering Marcell has been a cheerleader for … Read more

Ryan Fucking Bailey

Ryan Bailey Au Naturale, Ryan Bailey

Badass. Spiritual. Sexy. What can be said about Ryan Bailey that he doesn’t say himself? No, that’s not a dig. That makes him one of the most badass and most personable performers in the lot. He’s open, he’s honest, and he’s as amazed by his big dick as you are. “When one of my videos … Read more

Kyle Ross has a Porn Star’s Dream Life

At home, work, and play with Helix’s first superstar. Few gay porn stars instill a devotional following like the one held by Kyle Ross. Literally hundreds of thousands of followers worship his every move and moan. But beyond the golden locks and puppy-dog eyes lies one of the best business acumen in adult entertainment. Sorry … Read more

Cole Claire’s Sexy Self Discovery

Cole Claire, Blake Mitchell

“Personally, I’m not going to turn down any Helix model.” Cole Claire opens up about finding himself through Helix. Not everything is bigger in Texas. Cole Claire comes in at a small 5’5, 120 pounds soaking wet. But boy, can this emo-evoking sexpot take a pounding. And now, he’s up for 3 Grabby nominations. One … Read more

Collin Adams: Southern Sweetness

“They made me feel safe”: Collin Adams on joining Helix Studios, his work ethic, and growing up a southern boy Viewers may only see the muscular metro-sexual southern gentleman, but there’s a different side to Collin Adams. Our Tennessee bread bottom is quite the roughneck. He’s been working so hard since the age of 16, … Read more

Gargantuan Gabe: Skinny Twink with a Huge Cock

Gabe Isaac talks bulges, fetishes, and relationship with Devin Lewis Gabe Isaac wants to tell you anything you want to know about his monster meat. The Twink star of Helix Studio’s 8TeenBoy site is damn proud of his massive member. Can you believe there was a time when the boy thought he was small? “I … Read more