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Helix Studios is pleased to announce a monthly membership price of $9.95. This is not a trial rate. Join now and gain unlimited access to Helix’s ever-growing library of premium, award-winning content featuring the hottest exclusive models. Enjoy multiple weekly scene releases, blockbuster movies like Helix Academy and Velo, the voyeuristic RealCam series, and much more. Watch instantly on your computer, tablet, mobile device, Roku, or any internet-connected screen.

New $9.95 Membership

Man on Twink

Man on Twink

We here at Helix Studios like to think of jock dick & twink ass as the peanut butter & jelly of porn. There are few more gratifying feelings in this world than uncovering a big, thick, powerful jock dick, hard and ready to administer a relentless pounding. Same goes for a smooth, supple, smooth (cannot be overstated), perfectly plump, hungry twink behind. Each are great in their own right but put together, like pb&j, become a classic combination.

Landon Conrad and Andy Taylor

Landon Conrad and Andy Taylor

 We know we’re not alone on this one. So many of you out there have been demanding more man-on-twink action. More ripped, athletic bodies and impossibly giant cocks plugging away at tight twink holes, overwhelming them with pleasure until they explode hot cum all over everything within a ten foot radius. And because we’re total givers, we set out to deliver our fans something very special: an inter-studio collaboration project. Our twinks + their jocks = the best of both worlds.

Tommy Defendi and Kyle Ross

Tommy Defendi and Kyle Ross

As you can imagine, we’re pretty much up to our asses in hot twinks here at Helix Studios. We’ve got things covered on that front. We just needed to find the perfect jock hunks to give them a hard, proper pounding worthy of our fans’ desires. For this, we went straight to the source: legendary Producer, Dominic Ford.

Max Carter & Tommy Defendi

Max Carter and Tommy Defendi

Dominic was completely on board—as excited as we were to see our power bottom twinks take a banging by his jocks. He came through big-time, arriving at Helix Studios with hung superhunks Tommy Defendi and Landon Conrad at his side. Of course, like any gracious host, we extended our best welcome in the form of Andy TaylorKyle Ross, Max CarterJessie Montgomery, Liam Riley and Kody Knight. From there, Mr. Ford assumed the director’s chair, clothes came off and the cameras rolled.

Landon Conrad and Jessie Montgomery

Landon Conrad and Jessie Montgomery

The resulting feature is Man On Twink, a series of dynamic jock/twink fantasy sequences to be released over the coming weeks. Each scene is based on our models’ deepest sexual desires—from fucking a former friend to seducing a sexy stranger. Watch the trailer and get as excited as we are to present the Dominic Ford jock invasion of Helix Studios!


4th of July SALE

The Chair

Fratboy Fantasy part I

He left me there for I don’t know how long… waiting. Heart pounding, dick throbbing, adrenaline running high. I was completely nervous but somehow at the same time completely turned on. So there I was, naked, wearing nothing but a hard-on, my high-tops and some socks. Eyes covered, hands tied behind my back, legs strapped down to a wooden chair that was now starting to stick to my ass as I shivered with sweat out of fear and excitement.

What was he going to do to me? How much longer was he going to make me wait? Then I heard the door shut. His slow steps had my body tingling. Goosebumps – my body hair was raising to the point where I felt like I was going to cum at the very thought of his first touch.

The first touch, his bare chest leaned in, grazing my shoulder where he whispered into my ear with his soft lips, “I’m going to make you cum so hard.”

He started to lick up and down my toned tall frame as I tried to escape, but not really. Slowly his tongue traced my chest, slowly, slowly making his way down to my groin. He made his way back up to my nipples, worshiping them for awhile. I moaned in pleasure as he kept going, fingering my hole while he moved in on my growing rock hard penis.

“You ready for what’s coming next?” he breathed into my ear.

To be continued…

Father Glenn at Helix Academy

Father of Six: My day on the set of Helix Academy

By Victor Hoff

Last Sunday, I had the rare opportunity to do something I had always wanted to do: take a role in a gay porn movie. I mean, it seemed strange that after writing about the gay adult entertainment industry for eight years on Men of Color Blog, I had never pursued, let alone asked, to take a small, non-sexual role.

But about a year and half ago, I met Alex Roman at a Helix Studios spank party downtown and after talking to this impossibly charming young man, we talked about having me play a role one day in an upcoming feature.

So when Alex texted me a few weeks ago and invited me to join him and his crew for an upcoming production, I didn’t blink.

The film is called Helix Academy and I play the cruel Father Glenn opposite six young men who most, if not all of you reading this, are familiar with: Anderson LovellCasey TannerJessie MontgomeryEvan Parker, Luke Allen, and Chase Young.

On this particular day, we were filming the classroom scenes and when I arrived at the studio, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Casey, Alex’s better half and production equal, greeted me and I was lead into the studio where Anderson (who I kept calling Alexander much to his probable annoyance), a shy, lovely young man from Spain was already seated. Anderson who, despite being the one who laughed least at my antics, seemed in many ways the most mature. He didn’t appear goofy or mercurial, as many of the other actors did – and I mean that in a good way – but, rather, reserved and kind, always observing his surroundings rather than remarking on them.

Moments later, a buzz of energy could be heard and the rest of the cast showed up and with it a bubble of electricity that never waned throughout what I would learn is a very long day shooting gay porn. I eventually grouped the six guys in order of the voltage of their personalities. Luke, an easy, hail-fellow-well-met sort of personality and Anderson laid low throughout much of the day. Jessie, a beautiful blonde boy with an easy, infectious laugh from Nebraska whose publicity pictures, I’m afraid to say, don’t do him nearly the justice he warrants, and Evan, a sweet, guy-next-door type from Ohio played a much larger role in the day’s tomfoolery. And then there were Chase and Casey. Chase, from Alabama, could have been straight out of central casting for a Leave It To Beaver-type show. He is self-assured, talkative, and very friendly. And then there is Casey Tanner. A buck thirty worth of personality that voraciously overpowers the room in which he is in. He is absolutely full of himself (a façade, I’m guessing) but also absolutely one of the most entertaining people to be around. He’s very, very clever and has a sense of irony rarely found among someone so young (or in his generation, for that matter).

I won’t lie. The day was long and by the end of it, my Prima Donna side was starting to seep through – Imagine! – but what kept me endlessly fascinated and sustained me even when, at about 5:30P, Alex and Casey announced they we still had about four more hours to go, was watching Alex work.

I, on the other hand, had a blast. A ready and willing audience appreciative of my snarky humor? Six beautiful actors? A beautiful sound man named Kurt Summers? All under the direction of Alex Roman? I may have played the part of cruel priestly schoolmaster but it sure did seem like I died and went to heaven.

Casey, Connor and Max Threeway

Jock Guy In The Middle

Casey, Connor and Max Threeway

This gay jock knows what he wants and when he wants it. After winning some amusement games, Connor gets his way with Max’s hole and pleases his own craving for some dick in ass action. Enjoy this 5 star scene with 3 of the hottest Helix Studios stars.





Gay Boy Threeway

Oh, To Be A Fly…


Oh to be a fly on the wall of a Helix Studios get together. That’s what a #sexiertomorrow scene is all about. Could you imagine the real life tension between all of these gay muscle boys, just ready to pounce and get it on with one another. Watch as three of the horniest Helix Hotties party and move things into a private room for some boy banging that all three get to enjoy.





Helix Power Couples

Helix Power Couples

Kyle, Max, Casey and Connor

When Connor Kline and Casey Tanner applied to Helix Studios as a couple we knew we had to move quick. This porn power couple spurts over with sexual energy that is playful and fresh. We knew that Casey and Connor would be a wonderful addition to the Helix Studios model list, but we had no idea the two would have so much great energy that we just adore around here.


Porn Friends

Left: Casey and Max poking fun at Connor’s selfie pics. Right: Connor and Kyle relaxing after a scene.

So what happens when you combine a new porn power couple with 2012’s hottie couple Max Carter and Kyle Ross? We’ll tell you – all that hotness gets balled into one big giant mix of power tops and bottoms wanting to explore and share sexual fantasies without perturbation. These four had the pleasure of filming with one another this past week and from what our crew has told us, Helixacholics are going to be jizzing themselves before they even get their lube ready.


Left: Casey sucks Max, Connor rims Max. Right: Kyle and Casey shower after scene.

Left: Casey sucks Max, Connor rims Max. Right: Kyle and Casey shower after scene.

Yes Helixacholics, 2013 is going to be full of hot, uninhibited sex with some of the hottest men and boys in the business. The question is, are you ready for this explosion of yumminess? We are!


Right: Max fucks Kyle during a live show. Left: Casey fucks Connor in a Player/Coach fantasy.

Right: Max fucks Kyle during a live show. Left: Casey fucks Connor in a Player/Coach fantasy.






2013 Starts With A Bang

Helix Studios Live Porn

Join 2012’s Helix Studios Exclusives, Kyle Ross and Max Carter for a very special Helix Studios Live Show event that you won’t want to miss. We’re starting 2013 off with a BANG!
We’re inviting you for an absolutely free show on Monday January 7th, 7PM PST.