Three Cheers for Marcell Tykes

“I’ve always been complimented on having a nice ass.”

One of Helix’s freshly minted bottoms, tiny Marcell Tykes is the kind of twink you wanna put in your pocket and take home. His peppy personality can keep anyone captivated for hours. And that’s exactly how it should be, considering Marcell has been a cheerleader for several years.

During our email interview, Marcell’s answers were as peppered with as many emojis and caps as you can imagine from a model known equally for his personality and perky butt. In fact, of that perky butt, Tykes said he had cheer to thank for it.

“I started cheering it became a lot more firm and perky,” he explained. “Then I started getting more compliments from my team.” Tykes’ rump was also a highlight for trysts, “I’ve always been complimented on having a nice ass.”

Perhaps those compliments inspired Marcell to pursue this career. First applying for a modeling agency, his manager got the attention of Helix’s top talent scout himself, Casey Roman. “I had talked to Casey for almost a year before I flew out to film my first time,” he said. “I surprisingly wasn’t that nervous because I got to film my first scene with my boyfriend at the time.”

With that ex-boyfriend long gone, this cute-as-a-button model has found a porn star companion in Ryan Bailey.

“Ryan and I have been talking pretty much ever since I started in October 2017. Hopefully it’ll be a healthier relationship since we both have the same mindset.”

It is a mindset that Marcell has grown into. First scared to acknowledge how he made his living, Marcell tried to separate his camming career from his regular life. “Now that I have social media specifically for my porn fans, [with] sharing that type of content and moving to Vegas, I feel that Marcell and who I really am have merged so now I’m just one crazy, hyper, porn star.”

That crazy, hyper porn star has even learned how to embrace sugar daddies. After his breakup, but before pulling the trigger with Ryan, Tykes admits to falling for an older man. Even now, Tykes says this man who helped him through a rough patch is, “One of the most important people in my life.”

Sexually, Tykes is forthcoming (or is it forth-cumming?) about the spot that gets him riled up the most. “If my left nipple is being licked anything feels good to me.” (Ryan, take note.) “Sock me in the jaw if you want but, if you’re licking my left nipple I’ll cum immediately.” Okay, that deserves a new acronym: HAFH, Hot as Fucking Hell.

Oh, and there was that time he hooked up in an UberXL (presumably with an XL cock. Okay, bad joke…but I had to). All I could get out of him about that particular experience was this simple statement, “The driver didn’t notice.” Again, HAFH.

This sub-bottom also divulges his love for masculine guys who take control. Marcell’s men can be aggressive, but, “They HAVE to have a sweet spot for me, obviously.” And, if you’re ever lucky enough to have a shot (Ryan, still listening?), don’t you even think about crossing this fierce & fuckable love bug: “I’ll proudly go to jail for cutting your dick off.”

The way he carries himself proves that Marcell Tykes is a twink who not only knows his assets, but truly knows his worth, and that is the true mark of a man. “I am not sex. I am a sex worker. So, when I’m not working I am the same as any other human; with a million emotions and thoughts. Outside of work I’m usually singing, thinking about cheer, or ways I can improve my life. [If you want to get to know me,] ask me about that instead.”

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