Teenage Dreams and Summer Lust

What Happens when the Boy in Your Dream becomes the Boy that Makes You Scream?

Ah, good old summertime lust. It can turn a casual glance into a steamy gaze, a simple bro hug into a lingering-too-long loin-popping embrace. Or, in the case of Max Carter, a sense that you can’t hold back much longer when around your crush.

Danny Nelson, Max Carter

Max’s crush, Danny Nelson, comes over for a visit with Max’s brother. Unfortunately, Danny’s friend stood him up to go hang out with a girl. This gives cool and collected Carter a chance to finally say what he’s always wanted to say to Danny: “I. Want. To. Fuck you.”

Max Carter, Danny Nelson

And holy balls, do they ever. Carter dicks Danny down like a man starved for action. That’s often how it is when you finally have your fantasy boy all to yourself. Topping Danny, Max asserts his dominance, and exercises hot and horny control over Nelson’s every position. It truly is a summer lust.

Danny Nelson, Max Carter

That’s really one of the hardest parts of having a hard-on for someone: You know you want them, but do they want you? It’s especially tough being gay. Not everyone has the best ‘gaydar’ in the world. You just never know who the cocksuckers are, or aren’t. Example: Among college kids in New York, there’s a saying: “You have to come out as straight.”

For Nelson, that look in his eyes while he swallowed every inch of Carter’s cock made it seem like he always pined after his friend’s brother. But, I predict, this baby gay never knew what to say. Would he be judged? Would he not be good enough? Is Max straight?

Danny Nelson, Max Carter

These inner monologues are universal among gay men. We often hope our flirting will lead to sexual pleasure we could only fantasize about. Sometimes it doesn’t work. But when it does, the euphoria is unlike any Grindr hookup or random blind date: You know the person. You’ve wondered what they look like naked. You’ve scoured their Insta for speedo pics. (Don’t give me that, yes you have.)

So tell me, in the comment section below, have YOU ever had a fantasy fulfilled? Was it everything you had hoped it to be? What’s your Teenage Dream?

Danny Nelson, Max Carter

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