Kyle Ross has a Porn Star’s Dream Life

At home, work, and play with Helix’s first superstar. Few gay porn stars instill a devotional following like the one held by Kyle Ross. Literally hundreds of thousands of followers worship his every move and moan. But beyond the golden locks and puppy-dog eyes lies one of the best business acumen in adult entertainment. Sorry … Read more

Cole Claire’s Sexy Self Discovery

Cole Claire, Blake Mitchell

“Personally, I’m not going to turn down any Helix model.” Cole Claire opens up about finding himself through Helix. Not everything is bigger in Texas. Cole Claire comes in at a small 5’5, 120 pounds soaking wet. But boy, can this emo-evoking sexpot take a pounding. And now, he’s up for 3 Grabby nominations. One … Read more

Helix Studios’ Top Five Tops

Your venerable and always-horny blog-post-host, Scott Rogers, gives you dear readers his hot take on his favorite tops. Yes, he did just write this headline in third person. Sometimes it’s their cocks. Sometimes it’s their thrust and fire power. Sometimes, they just look at the camera in a way that communicates they know exactly what … Read more

Collin Adams: Southern Sweetness

“They made me feel safe”: Collin Adams on joining Helix Studios, his work ethic, and growing up a southern boy Viewers may only see the muscular metro-sexual southern gentleman, but there’s a different side to Collin Adams. Our Tennessee bread bottom is quite the roughneck. He’s been working so hard since the age of 16, … Read more

Helix Studios: Meet the Producers

Helix producer Casey Roman, director Alex Roman, and 8teenboy director Max Carter discuss what it takes to make you cum. I’m especially partial to the boy toys here at Helix that bear their soul and skin for the depths of our pleasure. But there is another team that gives it their all behind the scenes. … Read more

Become a Helix Member for $9.95

Helix Studios is pleased to announce a monthly membership price of $9.95. This is not a trial rate. Join now and gain unlimited access to Helix’s ever-growing library of premium, award-winning content featuring the hottest exclusive models. Enjoy multiple weekly scene releases, blockbuster movies like Helix Academy and Velo, the voyeuristic RealCam series, and much … Read more

Man on Twink

We here at Helix Studios like to think of jock dick & twink ass as the peanut butter & jelly of porn. There are few more gratifying feelings in this world than uncovering a big, thick, powerful jock dick, hard and ready to administer a relentless pounding. Same goes for a smooth, supple, smooth (cannot … Read more

Fratboy Fantasy part I

He left me there for I don’t know how long… waiting. Heart pounding, dick throbbing, adrenaline running high. I was completely nervous but somehow at the same time completely turned on. So there I was, naked, wearing nothing but a hard-on, my high-tops and some socks. Eyes covered, hands tied behind my back, legs strapped down … Read more

Father of Six: My day on the set of Helix Academy

By Victor Hoff Last Sunday, I had the rare opportunity to do something I had always wanted to do: take a role in a gay porn movie. I mean, it seemed strange that after writing about the gay adult entertainment industry for eight years on Men of Color Blog, I had never pursued, let alone asked, … Read more