From Screen To Executive, Episode Eight of Helix Studios Today, Kyle Ross

What more can be said about Kyle Ross?

Well, somehow we managed to talk for 40 minutes, and much of our conversation was NOT the kind of thing you would normally expect to hear from a young, gay, adult entertainment superstar. From chickens and license plates, to how we both love our part of Las Vegas. Now, the backstory of his car? That may be what you would expect from a legendary porn star.

After doing it all, almost in more ways than one, does Kyle have any plans to return to the screen?

If you’ve spent time over the years admiring some of Kyle’s work, you’ll enjoy getting to find out what he’s doing now in his role as the operations manager for Helix Studios. These days he’s remodeling his amazing circa 1969 Las Vegas home, they are both classics, and he’s busier than ever.

Speaking of classics, here are two of Kyle’s favorite scenes:

Kyle’s Anal Application

Vegas Nights Part Five

What did we miss? What are your favorite memories of Kyle’s work? Would you like to see him return to the screen? We’d love your comments and suggestions, and THANK YOU for being an important part of the Helix Studios family!

2 thoughts on “From Screen To Executive, Episode Eight of Helix Studios Today, Kyle Ross”

  1. Kyle is a wonderful star. I’m glad he went from star to executive . I always loved when Kyle topped he seemed like a different man. He is a fantasy of mine and I’ll forever be in his corner.

  2. I miss watching Kyle Ross on the screen I go back watch his scenes over and over Im big Kyle ross fan I did want to watch him and Riley finch have a scene together more of outdoors scene like a car I love car scenes but I will support Kyle Ross no matter what and I’m also big Riley finch fan as well


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