Adam Reid: hear him before you see him in action In Episode #19 of Helix Studios Today

The picture above is from Adam’s very first tweet.

Even before Adam Reid performed in his scenes with Helix, his brand new Twitter account, @AdamReidXXX, had over 30,000 followers. As I type, it’s closer to 38,000 and growing everyday.

As you listen to this episode you’ll hear what a bright and articulate young man Adam is. He grew up in a very male dominated world with SEVEN brothers on a farm in New England.

So it’s easy to see why animals of all kinds love him.

Adam Reid With Max Carter’s Cat Samantha

Another key reason, well you’ll soon see for yourself when his first scenes are released 😉

After hearing how great the Helix experience was from his boyfriend Sebastian Cruz, Adam was convinced to come and share his talents as well. His first two scenes are both wild erotic adventures; one with the amazing Travis Stevens who we profiled in episode #4 of Helix Studios Today.

Is there such a thing as a ‘Porn Ninja’ 🤔 Find out next time in episode #20 of Helix Studio Today. Thanks for listening and enjoying the erotic action of Helix Studios!

Happy Holidays 🎄

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