A Return Visit with Sebastian Cruz And his Boyfriend Adam Reid for Episode #18 of Helix Studios Today

Back in episode fifteen we had a brief visit with Sebastian Cruz. He had such a good time that he brought his boyfriend, Adam Reid with him to Las Vegas.

What a way to start! Adam’s first scene is with the amazing Travis Stevens. We took a deep dive and it went deep, with Travis back in episode four.

Adam Reid and Travis Stevens getting ready to go to work

Every time I record a new episode of Helix Studios Today, I learn something that makes me go ‘OMG’. Episode 18 is no exception. To find out why, just click the link below:

Part of Sebastian and Adam

Coming soon you’ll get to see all of Sebastian and Adam in the scene they did with each other. Two hot, young men from the cold of New England, ready to warm up your cold winter nights! 🔥

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