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Please Feed the Models

Helix models certainly receive their share of snarky criticism on social media. Over and over again, the gripe we hear is that our models are too skinny, and “someone needs to feed them a cheeseburger”.

Sounds good to us. Our models (as well as the entire Helix staff) will gladly accept donations in the form of cheeseburgers, tacos, sandwiches, fruit baskets, chicken wings, or donuts.

The truth is, Helix models enjoy eating as much as the rest of us; maybe more. Because they burn so many calories sweating and working hard on set, a good post-coital pig-out is usually their first thought after nuts are busted, and the cameras stop rolling.

So, for those of you who are deeply concerned about their eating habits, we compiled this handy and informative guide to Helix models, and the foods they crave most after sex.

Adrian Rivers – Italian Food

Adria Rivers

Alex Greene – Nachos with Extra Cheese

Alex Greene Alex Jordan – Junk Food

Alex Jordan

Andy Taylor – Whole Dill Pickles & Sour Gummy Worms

Andy Taylor


Dustin GoldTaco Bell

Dustin Gold

Dylan Hall – …also Taco Bell. Hmm, maybe he and Dustin can go together.

Dylan Hall

Zac & ScottyThey crave more of each other, obviously.

Scotty & Zac

Evan Parker – Anything & Everything

Evan Parker

Jacob Dixon – Wings

Jacob Dixon

Kody KnightA Steak & Potatoes kind of guy.

Kody Knight

Max Carter – Cheeseburger

Max Carter

Liam Riley – First a nap. We’ll ask him as soon as he wakes up…

Liam Riley

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Introducing Kody Knight

Spending the afternoon with Kody Knight is like receiving a gentle reminder to turn your attention to the small moments of the day. Getting ice cream on the beach, people watching in the park and brainstorming ideas for his photo shoot all contained casual but focused interactions that revealed a depth of character within the young man. Maybe it’s his calm Southern demeanor or humble nature but it is in these simple exchanges that you really get to know Kody.

“With his perfect jock physique and gorgeous All-American looks, Kody is sure to become gay porn’s next big star,” says Helix Studios owner Keith Miller. “Kody is not your typical model. He has a very genuine quality about him…one that is sure to have a broad appeal. He is a real gem and we are very excited to have him.”

Kody Knight

Naturally, Kody was the center of attention at this years Phoenix Pride Festival as he worked the crowd at the Helix booth. And it was no surprise that Helix’s newest Exclusive Model was the fan favorite given his impeccable credentials as the portrait of an All-American stud: 18 years-old, 5’10”, 136.3 Ibs, 7″ cut cock, Brown hair, Blue eyes, Honors student and 5-sport athlete.

Kody Knight

Kody Knight

Until joining Helix, Kody focussed on academics and playing a variety of sports including cross-country, soccer, wrestling, tennis and track. Kody also considers himself an avid outdoorsman spending much of his time camping, hiking and going to the beach. He now plans to pursue a degree in Exercise & Sports Science at USC with the hope of becoming a Physical Therapist.

Kody Knight
Kody Knight

Kody doesn’t feel the need to identify himself as gay or straight and given that the young jock came to Helix Studios as a virgin, he also doesn’t seem content to fit his life into anyone else’s conventional narrative either. It is the complexity of Kody’s story that has fans clamoring to see his first scene, an intimate Real Cam with Andy Taylor. The interview accompanying his introductory photo shoot was filmed just one day before his first scene and serves to document Kody’s feelings about sex before he is deflowered. The way Kody reflects on the tension and expectation that exist when losing your virginity, especially on camera, unequivocally makes him a distinct figure in the ever expanding Helix Family.

Kody Knight

We look forward to seeing what other surprises Kody has in store for us in what promises to be a distinguished modeling career. Get to know Kody by following him on Twitter @kodyknightXXX

NEW FEATURE: Exclusive Members Area Photo Shoots

One of the beautiful things about being young is that the world is full of first times. Andy Taylor and Evan Parker have shared a number of firsts since joining Helix Studios: Evan was Andy’s first scene partner in “Morning Sex”, Evan’s first time bottoming was for Andy in “Evan Parker Bottoms”, the boys shot the first Helix Real Cam scene together and now Evan and Andy help us roll out the newest feature of with the inaugural Helix Members Area Photoset featuring the sweet young couple just in time for Valentine’s Day:

Announcing exclusive Members Area photo shoots

Announcing exclusive Members Area Photosets

The Members Area will now contain photos available exclusively to Helix Studios Members. This is the first time many of the models have been photographed for an official fashion shoot and the process requires a certain amount of courage and vulnerability. Working with a professional photographer is demanding, especially when exploring an erotic concept or fashion idea but, as they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words” and we hope that these stylized and intimate photosets reveal a different side of the boys that you have come to know so well.

Andy Taylor and Evan Parker

Andy Taylor and Evan Parker

Jamie Sanders

Jamie Sanders

Damon Archer

Damon Archer

Corey Haynes

Corey Haynes

Casey Tanner

Casey Tanner

Jacob Dixon

Jacob Dixon

While the goal of these photo shoots may be to capture the unique personality of the featured model, it is also to challenge them to grow in unexpected ways. Some of the boys have found that high fashion is their true calling while others have thrived off the instruction provided by a creative director and have gone on to pursue careers in film and stage acting. Maybe surprisingly, we have even seen a few of the models realize that their passions lay behind the camera and have started creating their own photography and visual art.

For Evan and Andy, their on-screen chemistry blossomed into a budding friendship that has since become romantic. The boyfriends have proven to be each other’s muses as they’ve become involved in the creative process as part of the Production Team at Helix Studios contributing to everything from script writing and set design to makeup and wardrobe. It’s wonderful to see motivated young men supporting and challenging one another at work and in their relationship. They have been a constant source of ideas and inspiration and we are very fortunate to be surrounded by two people who love each other so much.

Evan Parker & Andy Taylor collage

Introducing Liam Riley

Helix Exclusive model Liam Riley

You may have first spotted him  with the Helix Academy boys winning Movie of the Year at the 14th Annual Cybersocket Web Awards, but now Helix Studios is proud to officially introduce our newest Exclusive Model, 19-year old Liam Riley.

Fans will get their first taste of Liam’s strong body and smooth seductive powers in his porn debut Sex En Rouge. Liam comes to Helix Studios as a decorated cheerleader with no better trophy or proof of his hard work and winner’s pedigree then his own strong, tight body. Rest assured, Helix has put these attributes to good use: “The way he moves and bends is something beautiful to watch” Director of Operations, Deniz Bilgin says. “He is an acrobat of sex. We know the fans will fall in love with him like we have.”

“Liam has a special kind of talent, gifted with an adorable smile, natural sex appeal, not to mention one of the most perfect, roundest, smoothest bubble butts ever to grace the screen. Unlike his cheerleading skills, no amount of training can produce these results. He was born that way,” touts Bilgin.

Liam Riley with BEST NEW PORN STAR Levi Karter and Casey Tanner at the Cybersocket Web Awards

Liam Riley with BEST NEW PORN STAR Levi Karter and Casey Tanner at the Cybersocket Web Award

Now on the verge of becoming a Helix star, Liam was first a Helix fan. He dreamed of working with the likes of Evan Parker or Andy Taylor so for this special young man’s debut we’ve granted Liam his wish as he stars with Andy in Helix’s newest short feature film:

The curtains part. The stage lights come on. The bed is lowered into position…

Helix Studios Exclusive models Andy Talyor & Liam Riley star in Sex En Rouge

Andy Talyor & Liam Riley

Sex En Rouge

Sex En Rouge

You can follow Liam Riley @LiamRileyXXX

Click to start shopping at the Helix Store

Click to start shopping at the Helix Store


Heart throb Evan Parker is the quintessential All-American stud. From being crowned Senior Prom King to captaining the soccer team Evan is the kind of blue-eyed boy they write ballads about. It’s no wonder he was tapped to star in the very first installment of Helix Academy with his boy-next-door good looks being as Midwestern as his Ohio accent. I was lucky enough to sit down with the young man who’s kindness and humble demeanor were quite disarming for someone so strikingly handsome. During his Ask Me Anything Evan dished about coming out in high school, what it’s like being a Helix Exclusive and his dream to become a (hot) lawyer. I for one want to see that tight ass in a suit…Evan Parker for President anyone?

Helix Exclusive Evan Parker

So, what was it like growing up gay in Ohio? I had a great family life growing up and my parents have always been very supportive of me and my life choices especially when I came out during my Sophomore year. I started having crushes on guys in 7th grade but it wasn’t until high school when I met Casey Tanner that I had my first sexual experience.

No way. Casey was your first! Haha, yeah. Our families are close friends and they were having a cookout together. Casey and I snuck away from the party and we were each others firsts but even back then I was dominant so I got to top him. He eventually became my first boyfriend and we ended up coming out to our parents together.

Evan & Casey rekindling their high school romance

Evan & Casey rekindling their high school romance

How did coming out and having a boyfriend affect your high school experience? Well…Casey and I were both openly out to our classmates and were still very active and involved. He was crowned Homecoming King and I won Senior Prom King. I also wrestled and captained the soccer and track teams. I felt very supported by our community and even now my Mom knows that I work in porn and how much I enjoy it.

Evan in "Scoring Off the Field"

Evan in “Scoring Off the Field”

Track & Field Captain

Track & Field Captain

How is it that so many of the Helix boys: you, Casey, Christian Collins, Roman Daniels, Connor Kline; are all from Ohio? I don’t know, I guess Ohio breeds well 😉

Gay in Ohio with Roman Daniels, Christian Collins, Casey Tanner and Connor Kline

Gay in Ohio with Roman Daniels, Christian Collins, Casey Tanner and Connor Kline

Maybe breeds well for big dicks! Haha Christian has a really thick penis! And Roman, he’s a very good friend of mine and I love him to death but let’s just say I’m glad I haven’t had to take his dick because even giving him head was ridiculous 🙂

Evan sucking Roman's monster cock in "Massage of Pleasure"

Evan sucking Roman’s monster cock in “Massage of Pleasure”

What’s it like having sex with your friends? It’s not awkward or weird like you might think. Guys put so much pressure on themselves to preform sexually that it actually makes it easier and more fun knowing each other. If anything we’re all closer now.

What’s it like filming with people who aren’t your friends? When I first started working at Helix I didn’t know anyone except Casey and Roman. My very first scene was with Max Carter which ended up being really funny….I was new and didn’t think I came that much when I climaxed so the directors were telling me to make sure I got it on Max. I stuck my throbbing dick in his face and shot him right in the eye! Everyone was laughing and Max kept saying “I thought you don’t cum much!”

Max getting ready for Evan's cum shot in "A Twink's New Experience"

Max getting ready for Evan’s cum shot in “A Twink’s New Experience”

Haha that’s a great way to make new friends 🙂 Haha yea, it was my bonding moment with Max 🙂 I’ve cummed six times in one day before so I don’t know why I thought I wouldn’t have a lot of cum. A similar thing happened when I was filming “Jessie’s Flirty Fuck” with Jessie Montgomery….We were getting close to the big finish but Jessie got confused and came early. The camera guys weren’t ready for his cum shot and everyone was like “What the fuck just happened!” It’s those kind of silly and personal day-to-day experiences that have made the Helix models some of my closest friends. They’re a big part of my support system and we’re all just trying to help each other figure out life.

Have any other amusing porn outtakes? When I first started filming one of my fantasies was to do an outdoor scene and a few weeks ago the camera guys obliged saying we were going out to the woods. Now, being from Ohio I thought the woods meant an actual secluded forest with trees. Nope, we just went down some dirt trail in the canyon and laid out a sleeping bag on a bunch of brush and rocks. I started doing my thing with Nicholas and even though we had a secret “stop the sex & cover up” code word there were still a bunch of people walking by. It was probably more awkward for them then us.

Nicholas & Evan in "Fresh Air Twink Fuck"

Nicholas Reed & Evan in “Fresh Air Twink Fuck”

Can’t imagine that was in your fantasy or your idea of working at Helix 🙂 Haha actually I wanted to work at Helix because I thought Kyle Ross was super cute. My scene with Kyle (“The Party Continues…”) will always be special to me and I’m thankful we’re good friends now. I’ve learned so much from him and we’ve done a lot of growing together. Kyle is a very passionate and energetic person in all aspects of his life and I love his creativity when he’s having sex, the way he can roll from moment to moment in a very natural manner. He’s a great communicator and makes you feel really good about yourself 🙂

Kyle Ross and Evan Parker

Kyle and Evan in "The Party Continues..."

Kyle and Evan in “The Party Continues…”

You should feel good about yourself Evan, you look great! Thank you! I’ve been hitting the gym and focusing on abs and lifting more, I’m 5’9″ 125 Ibs and am hoping to put some weight on.

What are you going to do with those nice big muscles? Go after my celebrity crush Paul Wesley!

Interviewing Evan Parker at Helix Studios

Interviewing Evan Parker at Helix Studios

Excellent. Thank you for your time Evan. Before I let you go just two more questions: What are your fetishes and what are your dreams? I really like feet and have learned to like spanking since being at Helix. I have big feet for my size (ha) and they’re very sensitive like my nipples so that’s definitely a turn on. I also liked spanking Kurt in “Evan Parker’s Deviant Dungeon” and wouldn’t mind getting spanked myself. As far as my dreams, they are not in any way related to my fetishes as I believe you were implying. But since you asked, I’m preparing to go into Pre-Law. I’m not sure what I want to specialize in yet but that’s one of the reasons I enjoy working in porn: my work has allowed me to save money for college and gain valuable perspective on what’s important in my life. My fans and friends give me so much love and support and they help me continue to move forward. I really am grateful for every one of them 🙂

You can follow Evan @EvanParkerXXX 

ASK ME ANYTHING: Anderson Lovell

Jet-setting sweetheart Anderson Lovell has admirers all over the world but thankfully the sexy Spaniard is no longer an International Man of Mystery after fans bombarded the smooth tan twink with plenty of personal questions for his Ask Me Anything:

Lovell, Anderson Lovell

Lovell, Anderson Lovell

What star sign are you? I’m a Scorpio

How old when you lost your virginity? I was 14.  How old are you now? I’m 19

May I ask how tall you are?5’11

Are you uncut? Yes, I’m uncut

Uncut Anderson

Uncut Anderson

What is your favorite sexual position? Missionary but there’s a lot more that I really enjoy

Do you like to bottom or top? I prefer to top but if it’s a hot masculine guy I’d obviously bottom lol

Anderson & Conner Kline in "Inviting the Gardener In"

Anderson & Conner Kline in “Inviting the Gardener In”

When was the last time you got fucked? Last time I bottomed was for my scene with Jessie Montgomery for Helix Academy

Was Helix Academy as much fun to film as it looks? Sooo much fun! We all had an unforgettable time 🙂

The boys of Helix Academy

The boys of Helix Academy

I love your Spanish accent where did you learned to talk like that?? I didn’t learn my accent haha it’s natural, I’m from España.  Where are you originally from? I’m from Madrid but I’m a Barcelona football fan

What’s dick in Spanish? “Polla”.  I think you should visit Spain again soon. And stop-off in the UK! I’ll show you round! I go every 6 months…You are a pilot, come get me haha

Would you like to come here in Italy? I’ve been to Italy before, it’s beautiful.  You have fans in Russia. Did you know that? I didn’t know but I’m really glad. (: I love Russia

International Anderson in "Bilingual Threeway"

International Anderson in “Bilingual Threeway”

Do you know Saudi Arabia? I’m from SA and admire you and want to meet you. Of course I know about your country! Thank you so much for your support.  All people in Saudi Arabia love you and I am the first of them. It makes my day to know this

You need to come to Australia! I’ll be all cute and stuff for you and everything ^_^ you’re my favourite pornstar 😛 Australia is one of the countries I’ll visit someday (:

Would you like to fuck an Asian? Oh yeah (; I had an Asian boyfriend before.  Do you have a boyfriend right now? No, I’m single

Is there something going on between you and Matthew Keading? No! He was just my scene partner. He’s a really nice guy.

Anderson & Matthew Keading in "Hollywood Pride Hook-up"

Anderson & Matthew Keading in “Hollywood Pride Hook-up”

Is it weird if you message someone you don’t really know but you want to get to know by just saying “hey”? We don’t really know each other but I think he’s cute and I don’t know if he would be creeped out or not 😡 No! Go ahead and say “hey”…you never know what could happen, he could be secretively in love with you (:

Are you crushing on anyone? I like Jessie Montgomery

Anderson & Jessie

Anderson & Jessie

Your first love? This guy I met in high school, he’s my bestfriend now

Have you ever meet some of your fans? Yes, many!  What’s your attitude to female fans? Omg it makes my day everytime I see a girl who is tweeting me lol

Have you had a girlfriend? Yes about 4 times.  Have you ever had a sex with girl? Yes and I love it.  Ever had a guy and a girl at the same time? No

What’s your idea of a perfect date night? Romantic dinner in front of a beach and wild sex afterwards

Sexy on the beach

Sexy on the beach

Asleep in "Anderson's Wet Dream"

Asleep in “Anderson’s Wet Dream”

Say if I wanted to get you your favorite flower for our first date on the balcony, what flower would it be? White roses are my favorite and btw that sounds soo freaking romantic :3 xxx

Do you like candy and/or chocolate? I’m addicted to sweets

What is one of your sexual fantasies? I have a few…I’d love to have sex in a boat, at night, looking at the sky while I get fucked (;

What’s your favorite meal so we could eat and I could hold ur hand under the stars? Aw I would probably like foie gras, veal parmesan or a lobster and wild prawn medley

Boy's cooking in "Kung Pao Sex"

Boy’s cooking in “Kung Pao Sex”

Who would you fuck if you can choose among celebrities? Louis Tomlinson mmm

What’s your favorite scene with Helix? My scene with Evan Parker

Anderson's favorite scene

Anderson’s favorite scene

What’s Kurt Summers like? He is so hot. Aw he’s so beautiful and such a cool guy

How was it getting fucked by Casey Tanner? Oh damn, I wish I coud of fucked him instead haha (;  He’s so sexy

Casey Tanner fucking Anderson

Casey Tanner fucking Anderson

If you and Jordan Thomas do a scene who would top and who would bottom? I wish he could bottom for me but I don’t really care

Who’s has the biggest cock you’ve ever taken and how big was it? Roman Daniels. Very painful but it felt good haha 😉

Roman Daniel's "Dickzilla"

Roman Daniel is “Dickzilla”

How did you decide to be a porn star? Well since I was really young I always dreamed about being in porn, Jesse Starr was my idol. And now he’s a good friend of mine lol

Is it hard to find friends not in porn who both don’t judge you and don’t hit on you? My life is amazing and I have lots of friends who won’t ever judge me

A lot of people view porn stars (especially young ones) as superficial and shallow people. Being within the industry do you find that to be true? I’d say not everyone is like that, I’ve met really nice and down to earth porn stars. I also have met some of them that think they are just better than everyone else. I feel sorry for them lol

You are a porn star and have sex with everyone. But then whats special about sex? Like what if you get a boyfriend? I would be so jealous if my boyfriend had sex with everyone. Only us porn models know what being in porn really is like. People have different opinions about it and honestly I’m having an amazing life. I was with my last boyfriend for almost two years. He always supported me on everything I did.

Porn Star extraordinaire

Your scenes for Helix have been very impressive! However, I wish more time was spent on teasing and foreplay rather than just jumping right into the heavy sex. Would you like that? Is foreplay important to you? I do what I’m asked for. And I try to do it the best I can. I can’t just change what the director has already planned even though I’ve done it sometimes haha. And yes foreplay is very important to me.

Are you ticklish? Omg I’m soo freaking ticklish lolz

Do you like to lick ass? One of my favorite things to do

Licking ass in "Anderson's First Time Remembered"

Licking ass in “Anderson’s First Time Remembered”

Foreplay from "A Most Tasty Twink"

Foreplay from “A Most Tasty Twink”

Ever had sex off camera with a model you had a scene with? Yes I have! After we were done with everything we had to do.  Do you have a lot of sex when you’re not filming porn? Mm well since I’m single right now I rarely do

How often do you jerk off?‎ About twice or once a day.  How many times have you gotten off in one day? 3 times the most

Anderson Lovell Jerk-Off

Would you do a spanking scene? Of course! I’ve never done one but I’d love to get spanked

Do you have a favorite hobby? I enjoy reading, playing the guitar and I love movie theaters.  Are you reading anything interesting right now?‎ I was reading The 10 Greatest Impostors Of The 20th Century.  What’s your favorite movie? Memoirs of a Geisha. Such a tragic and beautiful love story

Would you iMessage and chat with me before I go to bed? xx Yes I would

International sweetheart Anderson Lovell

International sweetheart Anderson Lovell

You can follow Anderson at @anderson_lovell


Kyler Ash has always been an East Coast boy at heart and with the news that he’s moving back to New York after one more wild party weekend for San Diego Pride, a Kyler retrospective seems in store. Having graced the cover of three Helix Studios films and featured in 30 highly regarded scenes (with just about as many hair styles!) it’s evident that Kyler is popular with the fans. I caught up with the fun-loving twink in the studio and one thing remains absolutely clear: the Kyler you have come to know onscreen is the same young man you’ll find cooking for his friends and getting crazy at the club:

First off, how big is your dick? Exactly 7″. I even measured it on camera. My longtime fans can confirm…they asked for a mold of my cock so I sent it to one of them. I love giving my fans what they want 🙂

In your most recent solo “Kyler Fucks Himself” you actually stick your dick in your own ass. How did that 7″ feel? I never imagined what my own cock felt like! Now I just feel bad for all the twinks that had to bottom for me.



Were you always a top? For my very first scene when I started filming with Helix I was supposed to bottom but when the other guy couldn’t get it up I did what any good sex partner would do and improvised. Even though I had never topped before I fucked him good.

So do you like flip-flopping? I like topping more but “Flip Fuck Live” with Aiden Summers was fun because of the control I have during Live Shows to respond to what the audience wants to see. I have a big dick and can fuck forever but the variety that comes with flip-fucking keeps things interesting and it’s nice to take a break and let the other guy do some work for a while. I’ve also started using anal numbing cream which is amazing. (Read more Porn Star Pro Tips)

Kyler Flip Fuck

Looks like Kyler needs that anal numbing cream in “Flip Fuck Live”

Who’s got the biggest dick that you need to use anal numbing cream? Well, for the models I’ve filmed with, Roman Daniels has the longest Helix cock which is why “Attack of Dickzilla” is funny and Christian Collins probably has the thickest. You only need to rub a small amount of anal cream on your asshole and as you start fucking it gets pushed deeper and deeper. It works wonders 🙂

Roman and Kyler in "Battle of the Big Cocks"

Roman and Kyler in “Battle of the Big Cocks”

Kyler sucking Christian in "Everyone Bottoms"

Kyler sucking Christian in “Everyone Bottoms”

You really do know how to surprise us Kyler 🙂 Speaking of which, your hair is different every time I see you, what’s up with that? I’m a cosmetologist so that’s part of it but on a deeper level a big driving motivation for me is to always stay fresh and keep improving myself. Whether it’s changing my hair or going to the gym or coming up with new positions it’s all about going forward and continuing to get better. That’s one of the reasons I’m moving back to New York. And like I’ve said, I always want to give the fans something new but I also really want them to know that even with all the change, the Kyler Ash they have come to know from the Live Shows is the real me. I’m exactly the same crazy, funny and truthful person with the audience as in real life…when I’m naked on camera what more of me is there to hide?

What are some of the positions you’ve come up with? The best was getting Chase Young to hang from a tree branch as I fucked him. I didn’t invent the ‘Pile Driver’ but in “Beach Bum Sex” I put Luke Allen into that position on the fly and everyone really loved it, still one of my favorites.

"Outdoor Afternoon Delight"

“Outdoor Afternoon Delight”

The Pile Driver from "Beach Bum Sex"

The Pile Driver from “Beach Bum Sex”

You’ve done a few outdoor scenes, what’s it like having outdoor sex? “Outdoor Afternoon Delight” with Chase was fine except for the fear of getting arrested but the second scene I ever filmed was “Outdoor Threeway” and I was really nervous about the whole thing. It was my first time having outdoor sex, first threesome and I had just started topping. I was worried that people would hear us moaning over the fence and the angling & positions when you’re in a threeway can be difficult.

"Outdoor Threeway"

“Outdoor Threeway”

That’s a lot of first times for one scene 😉 I know you haven’t seen the “First Time Outtakes” video but I have to ask you about it, especially because you keep saying how you’re ‘All big dick and no ass’:

What do you think? No comment, haha.

You’re on the cover of First Time Remembered and have been in “First Time” scenes with Derrick Porter and Max Carter, what’s it like reenacting your first sexual experience? Derrick was one of the first models I met at Helix Studios and Max and I are also close friends. It was a cool process reflecting back on my first time as a teenager and thinking about where I am now having sex with seasoned models like Derrick and Max. It’s those kind of things that give you perspective in life and I really think it helped shooting those scenes with close friends.

First Time Remembered

What other kind of scenes do you like? Scenes that allow the audience to insert their own fantasies and desires into what I’m doing. I like to leave some clothing on to give the sex a niche feel which is why I like sport jock porn where they’re all wearing football gear or something. It’s very real and raw, like I could walk into a locker room and just whip out my dick and have sex with a hot jock.

What other fetishes do you have? Do you get turned on by spanking? I only spank when I fuck and I like it more when it’s really fetishy spanking. As far as other fetishes, I like to cook so being drizzled in food or covered in flour is a huge turn on for me. Toys are fun and I used some of mine in “Kyler Fucks Himself” which was the first time a butt plug fit all the way in my ass.

Kyler the cook in "Bare Assed Cooking Lessons"

Kyler the cook in “Bare Assed Cooking Lessons”

Kyler and his toys in "Kyler Fucks Himself"

Kyler and his toys in “Kyler Fucks Himself”

Your personality really shines through during your Solos and Live Shows which I think is why they’re so highly rated. Solos and Live Shows are awesome! I get to do what I want and it’s my job to make sure everyone is entertained. I am definitely in my element being spontaneous and keeping things moving, that’s how I came up with the idea to cum on my own face for my first Live Show. But it’s about more then just the moaning, I love talking with the fans and answering their questions. I’m truthful and like to get to know the audience so it becomes a real relationship and I feel the fans care about me in a way that’s separate from the sex.

Get to know Kyler Ash

Get to know Kyler Ash

What was it like during the Live Show Orgy? It was great because I ended up on the DVD cover, haha 🙂 To be honest we had tons of fun and the best thing about an orgy is whenever you get bored you just move on to fucking the next boy. Plus I love how all the attention was on me when I came.

Live Show Orgy cover

"Live Show Orgy"

“Live Show Orgy”

Anything else you would like to share with your fans? I really appreciate all of my fans and the little things they do to show they care. The fan art I receive is amazing! And it means a lot that they keep up with how I’m doing and not just who I’m fucking. Porn can be taboo and I’ve never wanted to be ashamed of my work or be the guy who only shoots one scene. I’ve tried to be very intentional about owning my decision to be in porn and embrace it as a career, which I could not have done without the support of my fans. Thank you to everyone who has helped me get this far, I LOVE YOU ALL and will be in touch from New York!

You can follow Kyler on TwitterFacebook and Tumblr

Andy Taylor: Sexy Southern Gentleman

Andy Taylor

Since moving to California, versatile South Carolina native Andy Taylor has fit right in with the Helix West Coast lifestyle. You can find Andy outdoors in the sunshine with the local Helix boys who can’t get enough of his seductive eyes and smooth twink body. It’s no surprise the young stud has one of the highest rated Helix Live Shows as fans fell in love with his charming southern hospitality and signature double cumshot. Get to know Andy and his unique brand of southern comfort including what turns him on (sweaty men, jocks, cum, anal penetration, public sex) his sexual expertise (“I give great head, got a tight ass and can ride like no other!”) and kinky attributes (feet, anal, underwear, voyeur and role-playing).

Andy in the sunshine with Evan Parker

Andy in the sunshine with Evan Parker

Andy Taylor's eyes

Andy Taylor’s eyes

Smooth twink

Smooth twink



Andy likes public sex

Andy likes public sex

Andy gives great head

Andy gives great head

Kinky feet

Kinky feet


Ian Levine is one of those shy but assured “next-door” Midwestern boys, the quiet ones that you never know what they’re really thinking. Luckily, Ian agreed to open his mouth and little boy hole for Helix Studios and what followed was pretty naughty and revealing:

What was your first word? Puppy 🙂

How big is your dick? It’s a 6.5″



You seem really sweet & quiet in your Helix scenes. How loud do you get with your bf? 🙂 I’m about the same in bed with the bf but with the experience I’m starting to get gradually louder 🙂

How old were you when you sucked your first guy? How old when you first tried anal? 18 for both

Do you prefer to have a guy cum down your throat or up your ass? Throat. I like to see it, watching a guy cum is really hot!

Ian likes the view

Do you prefer to bttm or top on cam? Is that different than in a real relationship? I like both on and off camera

What sexual position do you like the most when you’re bottoming? When you’re topping? I like to be on my back when I bottom and doggy when I top

Do you like bottoming better? I’m extremely versatile. I like both equally

Biggest orgy you’ve had?! I haven’t been in anything bigger than a threesome

Ian in Cock Slut Threeway

Ian in Cock Slut Threeway

You & Thor have been having some hot 3ways lately! What’s that like? How do you start them off? They’re pretty hot!!!! They usually start by either kissing or when one of us decides to take our clothes off

How do you & Thor come to an agreement on a third partner if he likes twinks & you like jocks? When it comes to threesomes he likes jocks to top me. 😉

What was it like when you shot that DP scene with Kyle Ross & Jessie Montgomery? It was kinda awkward

A Twilight Bareback DP

A Twilight Bareback DP

What was going through your mind during your first porn scene (non-solo)? “Whoa…. Uh… Don’t pass out…” Lol

How do you have sex on camera? It’s kinda scary, right? No not at all! I just tune out everything else 😛

Do you & your bf watch any porn together? Not together but we do watch it separately at the same time lol

What’s your favorite kind of porn to watch and/or jerk off to? I love muscle/jock boys

Ian taking it from Coach Kellan Parker

Ian taking it from Coach Kellan Parker

Counting boyfriends and scene partners, how many guys have you been with? About 15 now

When you do a scene, in order to be horny, do you think about your boyfriend? No not really. Lol 😛

Do you have to refrain from sex before a porn shoot to make sure you have a good money shot? If so how many days do you go with out sex/jerking off? Yes. Usually between 3 days to a week

What do you think about ‘gay for pay’? And guys from’ gay for pay’? Let em do what they want. I like being paired with str8 guys anyway #hotness

Who was your fav model to work with so far? Either Kellan Parker or Evan Parker. (Coincident idk)

Evan Parker

Evan Parker

What is Evan Parker’s personality like? He’s super nice and has a great sense of humor! He is a great guy and very genuine! 🙂

Who has the bigger dick: your boyfriend or a porn star you’ve slept with? Only one or two others had a bigger dick

Are you a size queen? In a sense…If the shoe fits

What’s the biggest dick you’ve taken? And what’s the biggest dick you want to take? I think it was a nine. And I want to be able to take at least an eleven 😛

Ian wants 11"

Ian wants 11″

What do you like more, your bf’s dick or ass? They both look pretty massive. Ass! It’s a great pillow! And it feels great! 😉

How do you manage to have such a sexy ass? 🙂 You only do squats to keep your bubble butt round and firm? I do more than just squats! I do squats and lunges for my legs and butt and then I do some arms, chest, and ab exercises. I also eat special food

What’s your obsession with underwear all about? I just like the designs, the colors, and how comfortable they are

Thnx 4 ur sexy ass pics, I’d love to spoil that ass of yours 😛 (a Dutch fan) Aww! You’re welcome! 😉

Sweet smooth ass

Sweet smooth ass

Do you and Thor spank each other? Yeah, a bit. We like to play with each others butts 😉

I think Thor is a sex addict, I mean every time he exercises he comes after you…top him next time! Lol oh I top him plenty 😉

I bet you and your bf are wild in the bedroom. Is that a fair assumption? It’s fair lol

Ian topping

Ian wild in the bedroom

You guys fuck all the time. ever get interrupted and can’t finish right away? No not really,  we’ve had good privacy 🙂

When you two are together who typically does what? Or do y’all flip flop? We do a lot of flip-flopping 🙂

Rimming? Yes, no? Giving or receiving? Yes! It’s nice either way 😛

Max Carter rimming Ian

Max Carter likes rimming too

Major turn ons? and Major turn offs? Ass-eating, kissing, pretty eyes, sexy body, handsome face, big ass are major turn ons

Are you both European descendants? or German? I’m Czech and he is Lithuanian

You love the Mexican boys??? Yes! Mexican guys are so hot!

What do you miss the most now that you don’t live in Hawaii anymore? The beach

Someone gives you & your boyfriend two plane tickets. Where would you like the destination to be? I would love to go to London!

Ian the dreamer

Ian the dreamer

Do you have any regrets in your life? No regrets yet

What’s your biggest dream? and what’s your biggest fantasy? My dreams are a secret and my fantasy includes sexy men 😉