Cake Tasting Contest – Yummy Twinks Right Up to the Rim

If you’re a fan of the kind of twink and jock asses that feature in the scenes on the Helix site – and let’s face it, who isn’t? – you’ll no doubt appreciate the art of rimming that is frequently in evidence. Here’s a review of some of the finest examples, as though we were … Read more

A Classic Mix of Youth and Experience – Andy Taylor Flips with Angel Rivera

Long term favorite twink legend Andy Taylor has certainly been busy since his return to porn a few months back. One recent outing – Blazing Bareback, co-starring one of last year’s brightest new stars, Angel Rivera – is his fifth scene in a little over 2 months. Not that his legion of fans will be … Read more

Boys Do Make Passes at Guys Who Wear Glasses – In Praise of Blake Mitchell’s Facial Adornment

Superstar jock hunk Blake Mitchell has a few physical traits that make him instantly recognizable – such as his well-developed body, lion tattoo and his hole-stretching cock. But the item that’s probably his trademark is the glasses he can be seen wearing in 99% of his scenes. We’ve selected a few that feature this gorgeous … Read more

When Models Move On

Imagine working a job until retirement, celebrating decades with the same company. In the porn world, it is rare—if not inconceivable—that a model makes a long-term career filming. I’m not referencing time with a particular studio, but a tenure in the industry at all. I’m lucky to work for an owner who values employing models … Read more

Turned On Watching the Twink 3 Way – Voyeur’s POV

Truth or Bare from Helix sister site – 8teenboy – is a hot twink threesome featuring cute young pups Tristan Adler, Adam Hunt and Julian Bell. The more observant among you may have noticed there are actually 4 twinks in the image above. That’s because fresh-faced Kurt Niles doesn’t participate with the other guys, instead … Read more

Butt Seriously – Celebrating Corbin Colby’s Magnificent Meaty Ass

If you’re looking for a hot jock porn star, Corbin Colby certainly has a lot of things going for him. His face, hunky body, power and flexibility, and of course his fantastic kingsize dick. But there’s another ass-et of his that many of you have cum to particularly admire – his big muscular butt. Here’s … Read more

Bubble Butted Marcell Tykes Gets His Fill From Jock Stud Blake Mitchell

Pocket-sized cutie Marcell Tykes has been wanting to get jiggy with superstud Blake Mitchell since he can’t remember – hence the title of this scene A Long Time Cumming. Here’s a review of the action as if the 2 were taking part in a dance contest. As is traditional for this type of dance, we … Read more

Andy Taylor is the Tops with Bottom Boy Dylan Hayes

Movie Magic sees superstar Andy Taylor in his first topping role since his return to Helix earlier this year. For this scene he’s paired-up with 8teenboy graduate Dylan Hayes in a romantic movie night scenario. In the spirit of the recent Halloween celebrations, here’s how the action might be described if it was a horror … Read more