Beach Bums: Florida | Part Two

When Keagan Case’s boy leaves him alone on the beach, it’s Silas Brooks that comes in to save the day. He brings cutie Keagan into the gorgeous group of Helix hotties staying at the beach house, and our boy has the time of his life. After frolicking in the summer sun with the guys, Brooks and Keagan sneak off to a private outdoor patio, and immediately turn the heat up even hotter. After a smokin’ hot kiss and strip, case is on his knees peeling Silas’ swim trunks down.

He marvels at the the boy’s miraculous meat and worships appropriately. Then Silas speaks up and tells the tan twink, “I wanna suck yours!” Keagan ups the ante with some delicious dirty talk as he grabs Brooks by the back of the head, and face fucks him good! Next, dirty talker Case asks for an ass eating. Naturally, Brooks buries his face in that tight twink tunnel, until Keagan lets him know he needs a fucking.

Silas smacks the sexed up slut on the ass with his colossal cock, then plunges that big beast all the way in. Keagan arches his back beautifully, as he gets his hot ass handed to him doggy style. Next, the bossy bottom tells his top to, “get on the chair, I wanna ride it!” Case takes a cock heavy, bouncy beating, while pumping his own piston. Brooks massive monster pushes the nut from Keagan’s cock, and the sizable shaft goes off like a summertime sprinkler.

When Brooks let’s the boy know he’s about to bust, Case instinctively gets on his knees, and anxiously awaits his mighty meal. Silas spooges all over the dude’s pretty face and as spunk drips from his nose to his mouth, Case goes in for a final cum covered kiss.

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  1. I love this story – and I enjoy so much the beautiful boys and their wonderful sex. Its great, that they have so many threesomes! I especially love thw cute Keagan Case. The smiling loverboy!!
    Im looking forward to see more chapters of this great story.


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