Sports: Can I Play?

Seth Peterson and his buddy are playing volleyball in the park when cute twink Luca Ambrose saunters up and asks Seth if he can play. While Peterson’s other pal is left trying to get their attention, some heavy flirting is being volleyed between Seth and his new friend. Naturally, the raven haired hottie invites Luca back to his place, where things get hot and heavy right from the start.

The pretty pair peel one another’s shirts off during a steamy make out sesh before Peterson pushes the bronze beauty onto the bed. He downs that big dick like a hungry whore, and Ambrose returns the favor. Seth moans with slutty splendor as Luca cleans his cock. But our boy is still hungry, so he eats Ambrose’s ass like a wild animal!

Next, the hot jock offers up a fucking, and his new butt buddy hops on his hog, and takes it for a ride. He bounces up and down like a beast while playing with his own big bone between kisses. Watching that huge cock bounce in his face has Seth sprung, and he asks for a fucking. Luca gives it to him, and gives it to him good, pounding his perfect piece into Peterson’s posterior like a piston. After his hard hitting hammering, Seth is anxious to fuck Ambrose’s sweet seat once again. He does the dude dirty in doggy, while Luca strokes his massive meat. Soon enough the giant jock spits white gold ropes all over the bed spread! Peterson unloads all over Luca’s bronze booty, then shoves his cock back in for good measure, as he rubs his wet work all over that ass.

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