Beach Bums: Florida | Part One

One of our most popular series, “Beach Bums,” is BACK! And, this time we’re slutting up the sunny beaches of south Florida! Keegan heads to the beach solo; but when one is that young and cute he won’t be alone for long! Super sexy Seth Peterson spots the solo sexpot and turns on the charm. Soon enough Keegan is being introduced to all Seth’s smokin’ hot beach buddies and makes fast friends.

While the beach clad beauties get to know one another, Peterson sneaks off to meet a hot, horned up Chase Williams in the back of a beach house. As the sultry sound of surf fills the air, the pretty pair shed their beach attire, and get down to business…. right there in public! Peterson is hungry as hell and hoovers down Williams’ enormous, eighth wonder with wild abandon. Chase gets a mouthful of Peterson’s pretty piece as well, before Seth smacks his hind end, and goes to town on the twink’s tush with his darting tongue. Chase offers up his freshly eaten ass for a fucking, and Seth is happy to oblige. He does the dude dirty in doggy, as our infamous cock cam catches all the ass banging action from every erotic angle.

The beautiful beach bums switch it up, and Peterson winds up getting pounded out on his back by Chase’s colossal cock. The flexible fuck holds his feet up high for an even deeper donging, causing his dick to detonate, exploding all over his super smooth six pack! The sexy sight is more than Williams’ wang can bare. He grabs Chase by the back of the neck, and nuts ALL over that pretty face. Then our boy goes in for a kiss, tasting his own cum in the process. If this is how the “Beach House: Florida” starts off, imagine all the delicious dick pumping debauchery to come in our future episodes…. all cumming in hard, VERY soon!

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