Sports: What’s My Time?

Track star Josh Brady is running in the park with boyfriend Aaron Roberts timing him. The hot, sweaty jock shaved almost a minute off his time, and wants to go again. But his too cute twink boyfriend convinces him otherwise, and soon enough the guys are back at the house making out as clothes fall to the floor. Brady manhandles Roberts hot rump just before the boy falls to the floor to dine on some dick.

Jock boy Josh whips his underwear down and his already hard cock jumps out, smacking him on his epic abs with a loud slap. Then, Aaron goes in for the kill. He sucks Brady’s beef till it gleams with his back arched, tempting Josh like a pro. Josh succumbs and sucks Roberts hot rod like a hungry boy before going ham on that hind end with his tongue as he spreads the boy’s ample ass wide open.

He plays with the twink’s pucker with his thumb before turning him over and cramming his colossal cock in that ass. Aaron takes every thick inch on his back, side, AND all fours while stroking his own hard dick. Our infamous cock cam catches the money shot from underneath, as both boys blow at the same time! Brady busts slight seconds before, inside Aaron’s epic ass, and the warm sensation sends spermy signals to the twink who blasts as Josh pulls out, oozing jizz all over our bottom’s twitching tunnel. Brady thumbs the twink’s cum filled cream pie, then kisses his dirty blond boyfriend full on the lips for a job well done.

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  1. Aaron Roberts is such a cute boy. He has a face of an angel and a body as a pleasure!! Hope to see more to this little charm.


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