Sports: Soccer Practice

Hot jock Josh Brady, and lusty latin twink Luca Ambrose spend the day at the park practicing for their big soccer game coming up. Brady has had his eye on Ambrose for a while, and teases the twink by taking his shirt off. Luca gets a good look and decides to show the hot stud his tight body as well. The more the boys practice the closer they get, and by the time they get home they’re lip locked and ready for a sweaty session!

After tearing away from brawny Brady’s lips, Luca goes down to check out that swinging dick he’s been spying all day. Josh whips his sweaty shorts and briefs down, and out pounces his perfect pounder. Ambrose eats dick like no tomorrow, before Brady bends him over on the bed, and licks the boy’s smooth, bronze bottom with a horny hunger he’s been working up all day.

Our twink can’t take it anymore, and asks straight out for a fucking. Brady stands up and gets down to business, nearly breaking the taut twink in two. After some delicious doggy, Josh orders Ambrose on top of him for the ride of his life. The beautiful bottom bounces like it’s his birthday while Josh cups his cakes. Luca lays into his extra large lance, and pumps it to the perfect spurting, spunky orgasm that oozes all over beefy Brady. The warm, thick load coating his torso sends tingles down to his cock, and he explodes up inside Ambrose’s epic ass. But that’s not all! He keeps cumming once out, AND glazes the gorgeous guy’s glutes with even more spicy spunk! Luca’s latin bottom is left coated in cum, inside and out, while a big, oozy drop dangles from his hot hole. GOAL!!!

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