a twink by any other name

True to its namesake, the Twink is regarded as the skinny, golden, cream-filled snack cake of the gay world. Perpetually fresh, sugary and delicious, but essentially junk food; empty calories, devoid of nutrition or substance. On one hand: young and … Read more

PORN STAR PRO TIPS: Stretching & Exercise

Want to have sex like a porn star? The Helix boys are here to teach you how with Porn Star Pro Tips! Before executing the “New Anal Sex Positions” the boys must be diligent with their stretching and exercise routines. Whether … Read more

In The Mood for Sex

Mood lighting can transform any room into a sex palace! Environmental cues arouse the sex drive and contribute to an erotic ambiance perfect for those memorable nights of good fucking. Helix Studios uses distinct lighting textures for each film to create that perfect intimate moment … Read more

Nude Twinks at Black’s Beach

San Diego’s secluded nude beach is a hot bed for young exhibitionist boys and where you’ll find the Helix Studios studs tanning for their next scene. The boys love to hit on the local college jocks and sexy blond surfers, and … Read more

@PadawanGirl Has Talent

Over the years I have come to know some of the most diehard Helix Studio Buffs. Some write into the website every other week, some call almost everyday and others send us fantastic snail mail. One Helix Buff stands out … Read more

Christian Collins Is On Fire

Since the introduction to the Helix Cast, Christian Collins‘ following has exploded. The requests have been coming in to see this tight bodied fire hottie to pound a list of our twinks including two that have already been marked off … Read more