Sex, Writing and Emotion In Episode #16 of Helix Studios Today. Heidi Moore – Filmmaker, Writer and Editor.

It’s great to be back with another edition of Helix Studios Today. This one is a little different as we go behind the scenes and into the creative mind of Heidi Moore, whose name you see as the writer of many Helix Scenes. “Return to Helix Academy”, “Quiet on Set”, “Let’s Hit It” and “Unromantic Getaway”…just to name a few.

If you want to see some of what we’re talking about, including how to make low cost special effects for your next film, take a look at Heidi’s website and YouTube channel:

Be warned I went to sleep while watching Heidi’s YouTube channel and it may have affected my dreams?

Here is the link to an oldie, but goodie. Making the ‘brain splatter’ special effect’ we mentioned in the podcast;

Heidi has also appeared in front of the camera in the role of a disgruntled shopper who gets Garrett Kinsley fired in part one of the Helix movie, Let’s Hit It.

Heidi Moore in ‘Let’s Hit It’

Episode #17 is now is the works and the is that it will feature Helix superstar, now producer/director Max Carter, so why not subscribe to the Helix Studios Today podcast?

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