Episode 14 of Helix Studios Today – Producer Casey Roman and His MOM.

Casey explains how his adventure with Helix started, thanks to a movie that he produced with Alex, before coming to Helix, ‘Gym Daze’. It’s now one of the hundreds of full length DVDs available for purchase from Helix, and also to stream.

You may have heard us talk about the ‘Helix Family’, it’s not just hyperbole. In this episode, we take a deep dive into what it takes to make the sensual, romantic, erotic action you see on screen come to life.

Over the past decade, Casey Roman and his husband Alex have produced close to 1,400 scenes. ALL available in full for you to download and enjoy at HelixStudios.com.

This podcast opens the door on what it takes find the 200 HOT MEN that Casey and Alex have worked with, and then what it takes to make the erotic magic happen.

How many of the 4,000 men that apply to Helix every year actually make it to a role on camera?

The odds may be long, but you never know until you try. And if you are selected, what an adventure awaits you here in Las Vegas and across the nation!

This podcast really takes an interesting twist when we are joined by Casey’s Mom Sunny. Not only is Sunny the first woman to join us on Helix Studios Today (she won’t be the last), turns out she actually came out to Casey before he came out to her. And her last job? Let’s just say, she loved her badge. You’re going to have to listen for the details.

A fascinating ‘family story’ from the wilds of Central Alaska to ‘Sin City’. It’s all just a click away.

Casey Roman, Sunny And Your Podcast Host Kirk

Next week we’ll have a quick visit with a new Helix Star who just oozes sex appeal. His ripped abs are just the start about what is hot about Sebastian Cruz.

Sebastian Cruz

That’s next week on Episode 15 of Helix Studios Todaydon’t miss it!

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