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Why Gay Sports Are Better Than Gay Bars For Meeting Guys!

If you haven’t discovered the world of gay sports leagues you are missing out. Not only are these groups typically fun, but there are generally lots of opportunities to meet guys, really cute ones. No matter what sport you may prefer there is probably a gay sports team or association somewhere local if you live in an somewhat major city. In Atlanta there are lots of options from Gay Rugby to Kickball and everything in between.


Years ago I was on a gay softball team and it was 0ne of the most fun experiences I have ever had. We traveled together and really became great friends.  I still keep in touch with many people that I met during that time. I got “busy” with life and stopped playing but recently I started playing kickball and have really enjoyed being part of a sport league again. Kickball is actually ever better because it isn’t as competitive and everyone is just having a great time.

This is my second season playing for the Pride Kickball League which is part of Go Kickball Atlanta, last season being the first of the league. I had a great time and bonded with my team, most of whom returned for this season. We play on Mondays in Piedmont Park and it has become one of the highlights of my week. Each Monday after the game the league meets at Blake’s On The Park where the organizers have drink specials and raffles. Always packed, always friendly and always fun. Monday has become THE night to go out. Actually, I only go out on Mondays now. LOL.


So, back to the title of this post, Why Gay Sports Are Better Than Gay Bars For Meeting Guys. I think it comes down to three things Attitude, Connection, and Soberness.

Think about the attitude of the typical guy at a bar. They are there trying to pick someone up, trying to look their hottest and be their coolest, trying to impress, etc.  Yes, I am overgeneralizing, but you get the point and you know the type. Well, in the gay sports leagues I haven’t experienced any of that attitude and have been able to actually get to know the guys I play with and not just their bar persona. It is actually really refreshing.

Without the attitude but with a seasonal commitment you get to really know and connect with the guys on your team and with those on others. My experience with sports leagues has been that they are very friendly and inclusive whereas at bars I often feel excluded. Perhaps that is just me though. I will say that even after a short period of time playing with my team I love them all. Yes I knew many of them before and yes we are all a little crazy but I really look forward to seeing all of them each week and that is a great thing to look forward to.


That the guys I met playing on sports leagues are typically sober(ish) during all the games really makes a big difference, I can actually talk to them.  At a bar there is always that point where a conversation can get really sloppy and that really never ends well.  At least on the field you can have conversations that everyone remembers. The great thing about most sports leagues is that they are generally sponsored by a bar or restaurant so you really get the best of both worlds, you can meet them when they are sober and then go have a drink with them after the game. It works out for everyone.

If you have never played for a gay sports league I suggest looking into it as a great way to meet great new people, socialize, and stay active. No matter what sport you play or your skill level the leagues I have played in have a spot for everyone. It really is like a little family. I mean if nothing else at least you have the sport in common with the people you meet, that is much more in common than I have with those I typically meet at a bar.  Just saying.

And no, I am not against bars, I actually love to go to bars to dance and people watch, I just don’t really go there to meet boys. I have had a better experience making real connections through sports and also through volunteering (Which I will save for another post). To each his own, I guess, but I do think I have made some valid points?

Go Team Spotted Dog!


Original article posted on Outbuzz

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10 Reasons Being Gay Is The Best Thing That Ever Happened To You

And don’t you forget it. Here are 10 of life’s perks reserved for the exclusive enjoyment of The Gays:

1) Get a Boyfriend, Double Your Wardrobe

"The Changing Room" with Matthew Keading and Jacob Dixon

Before you met him, you owned a dozen tank tops. Boom. Now you’ve got 24. Sharing clothes with your partner is not only one of the best perks of being gay, it’s also economically practical, which means there’s money left over for a few more much needed tank tops.

2) We Get Better Head

Dustin Gold

No offense, Ladies. We know there are plenty of women out there who break out the knee pads and go to town on a dick like it’s a margarita dispenser. But there’s nothing quite like the expert treatment your man parts get from someone who’s in possession of the owner’s manual for the same equipment.

3) Our Porn is Better Too

Helix Studios

A straight guy watching straight porn needs to mentally block out the huge hulk of man-ass, muscle, and cock that’s administering the pounding of the nice young lady he’s trying to jerk off to. That’s a significant portion of screen space being filled with stuff that’s not aiding his boner. When gay guys watch gay porn, we get to enjoy 100% of what we see.

4) You’re Free

Kody Knight & Evan Parker

Ask any straight person approaching 30. The pressure is mounting from all sides to get married, make babies, buy a sedan, sign a mortgage, and live out your years making monthly payments on all of the above. When you come out as gay, everyone pretty much gives up on pushing you into that conventional life. Call it a blessing in disguise. Relieved of the burden of society’s expectations, you’re free to ask yourself what you really want out of life, and pursue those goals on your own terms.

5) You Don’t Have To Worry About Someone Calling You Gay

Jessie Montgomery

Next time someone calls you a cocksucker, hold your head up high and confidently reply, “Yes I am. And a damn good one too.”

Own that shit.

6) Flip Fucking

Jacob Dixon &  Daniel Bishop

Some guys refuse to bottom while others only bottom, but the majority of us fall somewhere in the middle. The beauty of being versatile is the freedom to assume a full range of sexual roles from dominant to submissive, at any given time. Once in a great while, conditions are just right for the holy grail of sexual encounters: The Flip Fuck. Fact: Compared to regular sex, flip fucking lasts roughly twice as long and is exactly twice as fun.

7) “Unplanned Pregnancy” Isn’t Part Of Our Lexicon

Lucas Owens &  Andy Taylor

Just one less thing to worry about.

And speaking of no children,

8) Disposable Income

Helix Pride

Many gay couples are choosing to raise a family these days, and more power to ‘em. For the rest of us, not being saddled with kids frees up a surplus of time, energy, and money that gets redirected towards recreational pursuits, like vacations, dining, creative hobbies, and exercise. They don’t call children “dream crushers” for nothing. Just kidding. But seriously though.

9) We Get Our Own Neighborhoods

Helix Boys at Gay Pride

Okay, straight people have their own neighborhoods too. Okay, straight people have pretty much all the neighborhoods. But The Gayborhood is home to your city’s best eats, liveliest bars, and most interesting people. Beneath the rainbow flags you’ll find a welcoming atmosphere, and the kind of tight knit community bond that can only mean everyone’s slept with everyone at one point or another.

10) We’re Living In Amazing Times

Dylan Hall & Sage Porter

Support for gay rights is at an all time high. Each of us gets to play a part in pushing forward what is likely the most rapidly advancing cultural shift in American history. That deserves a great big fuck yeah.

What do YOU love most about being gay?

Keep Pride Colorful

You think of Gay Pride weekend, you think of sun. Rainbow flags. Rainbow everything. Glitter. Body parts on display. Abs built over the last three months on a rigorous diet of protein shakes, red bull, and the occasional splurged skittle. You think of bulging packages barely contained in ultra sheer bikini briefs, bouncing to thumping EDM atop a feather-clad parade float. You think of heavy drinking. The kind of shots you forgot you took until you notice the distinctly neon hue of your pee the next morning.

Helix Ass

Now, perhaps more than at any other point in history, we have good reason to be proud. Another day, another state grants us marriage equality. We can now serve openly in the military. Utter the word “faggot” today in America, you lose your TV gig and they pull your corporate sponsorship. Gay couple holding hands walking through the mall? Nobody really gives much of a shit anymore, do they? It is unquestionable; we have passed the tipping point in this country. That once-fervent coalition of adversaries—they’re crumbling like fossils.

With the world’s attention fixed on our fight for equal rights, there is a voice of concern emerging within the gay community, asking: Are they getting our good side? This vodka-soaked carnival of hedonism we call Pride; does it only serve to reinforce the damning stereotypes, and re-marginalize us in a society that is finally, after much convincing, ready to welcome us to the mainstream? Should we make Pride more… family friendly?

Family Friendly Pride?

What would it look like? We cover up. We tone down the ratchetness two to three notches. We hide the old guy with the leather harness and zero gauge nipple rings. The straight, conservative, suburban families show up, have a lovely day, and leave, saying “You see, Honey? They’re not freaks. They’re normal, just like us.”

We want to create an inclusive, welcoming atmosphere where all feel comfortable attending; in theory. In reality, it’s like cooking dinner for your extended family. Your sister-in-law is gluten-free now, cousin Charlie is allergic to dairy, and Aunt Rose “doesn’t like it too spicy”. Try to please everyone, you end up with bland food that no one really likes; a sad semblance of what you had initially hoped to create. There too comes a point where we begin to compromise the true spirit of Pride.

Helix Boys at Pride

Ultimately, gay pride is about freedom of sexual identity. We don’t need to prove to the straight world that our sexuality is normal like theirs. We need to dismantle the very notion of normal sexuality as something that anyone can or should lay claim to. Here we are; the people who have been ridiculed, threatened, beaten, and killed for our sexual orientation throughout human history. Now we turn around and own that sexuality with confidence, and yes, even flaunt it. If we can do that, anyone can. Gay, straight, bi, tri, in-between, or none of the above; whoever you are, whatever you’re into, you too are worthy of pride.

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Helix Studios Gay Pride

a twink by any other name

True to its namesake, the Twink is regarded as the skinny, golden, cream-filled snack cake of the gay world. Perpetually fresh, sugary and delicious, but essentially junk food; empty calories, devoid of nutrition or substance. On one hand: young and thin. On the other: effeminate and vapid. With its full range of positive and negative associations, there is now an open debate on whether the Twink label should be considered a benign designation, or a derogatory slur.

Casey TannerDylan Hall

Your first reaction to this controversy might be: Really, Twinks? You’re complaining about being called smooth, supple, and otherwise wrinkle, blemish, and fat-free? Last time I checked, these are all good things. They pretty much invented plastic surgery to make people look like you.

Corey Haynes

Alex Jordan

But stereotypes, even seemingly positive ones, can have demeaning implications. You may say with the best of intentions that all Asians are good at math, which has the unintended effect of emphasizing their perceived lack of social and physical prowess. Congratulate all black people on their collective athleticism and ample penises, and you’re reinforcing the old stereotype that they are unthinking, oversexed beasts. When you generalize what people are, you inadvertently imply what they are not.

The Twinks of Helix Academy

Matthew Keading

Consider the context of the gay universe, where “straight-acting” is the most celebrated and coveted virtue, and where “queenie” or “fem” is a common deal breaker on Grindr. Along with the sought-after Twink traits, often comes the perception that a Twink is not a real man.

Christian Collins

Blue Collar Boys

On the other end of the spectrum (or “rainbow” if you prefer), is the Bear. The massive, forested, ball-scratching, beer-guzzling, cheeseburger-devouring classical archetype of what an American male should be. Once you witness 200 of these sweaty, full-bearded, harness-clad “real men” doing what can only be described as queening out to “Like A Virgin” at a bar on Bear Night, it may shift your perspective.

Jacob Dixon

Scotty Clarke

I know Leather Daddies who enjoy posting pictures of adorable kittens on Facebook. I’ve met Scientist Twinks who follow football. Most people will defy our expectations, if we allow them to. If we must (and I suspect we must) continue to subdivide ourselves into these gay spirit animals, let’s agree to do it along the lines of objective, provable facts. Let’s leave behind the assumptions about how manly our labels should make us behave.

Matthew Keading

Kody Knight

Sure, we could launch a ban on using the term Twink, but chances are, it would quickly be replaced with something equivalent or worse. In the end it’s less about controlling the words we use, and more about the attitudes we harbor.

Evan Parker & Matthew Keading

Jacob Dixon & Andy Taylor

Now, who’s craving a Twinkie? —>

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7 Ways to Overcome the Fear of Rejection

The fear of being rejected by someone you have a crush on can be overwhelming, but some level of rejection is inevitable in life and shouldn’t prevent us from pursuing someone we love. This fear of unrequited love is a common experience from youth through adulthood but we can learn to manage and overcome these negative feelings:


Shawn Allen and Adrian Rivers
1. Know that fear is the only thing holding you back. 
You’ve heard Franklin D. Roosevelt’s quote, “Only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” No other statement sums up fear better. You might see yourself being turned down when playing out the scenario in your head, which disrupts what you want to communicate to your crush. It will not help your cause if you feel anxious or even defensive towards the person.

Instead, visualize the situation working out exactly the way you hoped it would. You will go into the situation more confidently if you focus on the outcome you desire over the possibility of rejection.


Ryker Madison
2. Rejection is not the end of the world!
All variations of fear, including the fear of rejection, thrive on “end of the world” thinking. In other words, our emotions convoke us that an undesirable outcome results in complete ego annihilation.

So what if he rejects you?

It won’t result in the “end of the world,” but if we convince ourselves that the consequences are worse than they are, our fear will paralyze us and limit our chances of ever getting the guy we want.

Ask yourself what’s the worst possible response you would get from your crush after approaching him/her about chilling together. Then think about how you will allow yourself to deal with being upset for a little bit, then how you will deal with it and move on. Just doing this exercise will help you to feel less fear around the possibility of rejection.


Mitch Hudson
3. What rejection really means. 
If a person discovers a 200-carat white diamond in the Earth but due to ignorance, believes it is worthless and thus tosses it aside, does this tell us more about the diamond or the person? Along the same lines, when one person rejects another it reveals a lot more about the “rejector” than the “rejected.” All you are really seeing is the often shortsighted opinion of one person. Consider the following…

If J.K. Rowling stopped after being rejected by multiple publishers for years, there would be no Harry Potter. If Howard Schultz gave up after being turned down by 200 banks there would be no Starbucks. If Walt Disney quit too soon after his theme park concept was trashed by 300+ investors there would be no Disney World.

One thing is for sure: If you give too much power to the opinions of others you will become their prisoner. So never let someone’s opinion alter your reality. Never sacrifice who you are, or who you aspire to be, just because someone else has a problem with it. Love who you are inside and out and keep pushing forward.


Andy Taylor
4. Live in the moment.
You can train yourself to live right here, right now without regretting how others once made you feel, or fearing the possibility of future judgement.

Life is short, so if you like someone and want to spend more time with him/her NOW is your time to do something about it and like anything else focusing on the task at hand is more effective. By being completely in the moment and focusing on asking out your crush, you’re able to make a real connection which will up your chances by a good margin.

The past is irrelevant, and the future doesn’t exist yet so savor the moment whatever the outcome. The experience is sure to enrich you.


5. Just let go!
People who never learn to question their emotions, especially when they’re feeling nervous or anxious make life much more difficult than it has to be. It’s time to let go a little. Being more confident in life partly means being OK with not knowing what’s going to happen, so you can relax and allow things to play out naturally.


Casey Tanner and Evan Parker
6. Be your charming self.
If anyone is worth spending time with, they’re going to like you for you, not some phony front you put up in order to impress. Any time worth spent with someone isn’t worth spending unless it’s authentic.

Bottom Line: Don’t change so someone will like you. Be yourself and the right person will love the real you.


Jamie Sanders
7. Rejection can be used to your benefit.
As soon as someone critiques and criticizes you and as soon as you are rejected, you might find yourself thinking, “Well, that proves once again that I am not worthy”.

Rejection is a necessary medic; it teaches you how to reject relationships and opportunities that aren’t going to work, so you can find new ones that will. It doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough, only that one particular person failed to see what you have to offer.

Will you be hurt for a moment? Of course, you’re human. But when the emotions subside, you’ll be less afraid to try again, knowing that you’ve leaped outside of your safety zone.

Remember that it doesn’t matter what people think of you. The less afraid you are to go after what you want, the more chances you’ll have at actually getting it. It’s worth taking the chance because either way there is something to gain.

Sports are Gay

Issues surrounding the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia have highlighted a year of intersection between sports and gay life including:

  • Ongoing protests at the Olympics for recently enacted anti-gay laws in Russia 1
  • Olympic diver Tom Daley revealing he’s in a relationship with a man 2
  • Backlash for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups being awarded to Russia and Qatar, respectively, despite acknowledgment that openly gay fans will be arrested 3
  • College Football star Michael Sam on the verge of becoming the first openly gay NFL player 4
  • Fellow NFL player Chris Kluwe being pushed out of his job for vocally supporting same-sex marriage laws 5
  • 12-year NBA veteran Jason Collins being passed over by every team after coming out 6
  • Soccer players Robbie Rogers, Thomas Hitzlsperger and Casey Stoney (England Women’s Captain) receiving a mixed bag of support and condemnation for their pioneering decision to reveal their sexuality 7,8,9

Update: Jason Collins is now set to become the first openly gay NBA player by signing a 10-day contract with the Brooklyn Nets 10

Even Helix Studios’ own Liam Riley drew considerable attention and criticism online from the likes of Nerve, The Wire and Yahoo News for his decision to retire from competitive cheerleading after a decorated career to become a porn model. Personally, when I see young men and women like Liam who can “live in their truth from this young age”—and in a very public way—I believe they are helping others find how to live open and honest lives as well. Liam has said that the month he has spent with the Helix boys has been the best time of his life. We should celebrate Liam for choosing happiness and love, he is one of the athletes and young people helping show us the way.

And I wonder, at the next Olympics will the gay citizens of Russia, gay fans from around the world, LGBTQ allies like Chris Kluwe and other gay athletes, will they be able to celebrate their love and sexuality? I think and hope Yes! The willingness of Tom Daley, Michael Sam, Jason Collins, Robbie Rogers, Thomas Hitzlsperger, Casey Stoney and Liam Riley to live openly in the brightest and most scrutinizing of spotlights that is professional sports will indeed contribute to changing our homophobic culture.

Sign the petition to stop LGBTQ abuses at world sporting events

Ultimately, we should be playing sports to build an understanding of camaraderie, sportsmanship, trust, fair play and teamwork between diverse people. Sports should be uplifting and fun, not divisive. So, as we often do here at Helix Studios, let’s remind ourselves of the silly and lighter side of things in life. We hope you enjoy our Top 10 Super Sexy Sports Scenes (with some can’t miss bonus footage!) because in the end we all win when we’re on the same team.

1) Behind the Dugout! starring Max Carter & Ian Levine Max Carter and Ian Levine 2) Player Fucks Coach starring Casey Tanner & Connor Kline Casey Tanner and Connor Kline 3) Ezra Takes One For The Team starring Hayden Clark & Ezra Taylor Hayden Clarke and Ezra Taylor 4) Coach Jones Fucks Kyle starring Kyle Ross & Dominic Jones Kyle Ross and Dominic Jones 5) Evan Parker Bottoms starring Evan Parker & Andy Taylor Evan Parker and Andy Taylor 6) Austin Dribbles Jessie’s Balls starring Austin Ried & Jessie Montgomery Austin Ried and Jessie Montgomery 7) Run with Me starring Evan Parker & Matthew Keading Evan Parker and Matthew Keading 8) Working Up a Sweat starring Andy Taylor & Corey Haynes Andy Taylor and Corey Haynes 9) Between Soccer and Tennis starring Max Carter & Gabriel West Max Carter and Gabriel West 10) Helix Plays BaseBALL(s) starring Ian Levine & Kellan Parker Ian Levine and Kellan Parker Bonus: Jock and Balls Baseball Scene Outtakes

The baseball season is just starting and the Helix boys have high hopes. These twinks are hungry to prove they have what it takes to be the best. Watch all the hot outtakes of the boys getting dirty and working up a sweat playing America’s favorite past time. If you like twinks playing sports you will not want to miss these hilarious outtakes!

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Jock Balls  now available on DVD

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Sporty Balls 2 now available on DVD

Love is…

Coming home to see your lover

Jessie Montgomery & Jacob Dixon

 Running your hand through his hairBoyfriends Andy Taylor & Evan Parker

Being in his arms

Ryker Madison & Connor Maguire

Knowing where he’s ticklish

Jacob Dixon & Daniel Bishop

Sharing a kiss

Kyler Ash & Ian Levine in "Valentine's Romance"

Sharing a bed


Working with your friends

Cybersocket Web Awards

Dressing down with your friends

Hitting the town with the Helix boys


Liam Riley, Andy Talyor and Roman Daniels


Helix Academy 2 with Jacob and Casey

Love is something all of us here at Helix Studios would like to extend to you, especially on this Saint Valentine’s Day. Thank you for being part of the love that inspires so many things: friendship, romance, compassion, trust, forgiveness, patience, comfort, safety and great sex.

Love is complicated but we keep loving because that’s where life is found. It’s where the most creativity is happening, where you find people still fighting for meaning. All the love to you our friends, from now to infinity.

What defines a Daddy in porn?

So what’s in a name? And does that name or label really matter when it comes to a gay porn sex scene? Recently one of our favorite hunky models, Shane Frost, was referred to as a “Daddy” in a scene and boy oh boy did this start some conversation.

In any sexual act, a daddy, from what I have gathered, is just a figure who is playing a more dominant role. I even went back and referred to one of my favorite gay dictionaries to see what they had to say on the subject matter. Sure enough it was in line with what I thought:

DADDY (n.): Masculine-type lesbian; usually one who lives with a female-type lesbian (MANIA). 1. older man who shows affection for his male lover with gifts. Synonyms: sugar daddy 2. [prison sl] an old inmate that takes a young male as his punk, acts as the boys bodyguard, keeping the other inmates from him, and he is the master of the boy. The boy is his sex slave. 3. a male lover. 4. a man who likes a young lover to whom he plays a fatherly role. It can imply spanking or other discipline.

Yes, Shane Frost is still very much wet behind the ears, but in Helix terms he’s definitely taken on a daddy role when it comes to boinking our teenaged twink team. See for yourself as Shane pounds Max Carter in “Daddy’s Hot Passion”.

So fans, what do you think on the subject matter?

Father of Six: My day on the set of Helix Academy

By Victor Hoff

Last Sunday, I had the rare opportunity to do something I had always wanted to do: take a role in a gay porn movie. I mean, it seemed strange that after writing about the gay adult entertainment industry for eight years on Men of Color Blog, I had never pursued, let alone asked, to take a small, non-sexual role.

But about a year and half ago, I met Alex Roman at a Helix Studios spank party downtown and after talking to this impossibly charming young man, we talked about having me play a role one day in an upcoming feature.

So when Alex texted me a few weeks ago and invited me to join him and his crew for an upcoming production, I didn’t blink.

The film is called Helix Academy and I play the cruel Father Glenn opposite six young men who most, if not all of you reading this, are familiar with: Anderson LovellCasey TannerJessie MontgomeryEvan Parker, Luke Allen, and Chase Young.

On this particular day, we were filming the classroom scenes and when I arrived at the studio, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Casey, Alex’s better half and production equal, greeted me and I was lead into the studio where Anderson (who I kept calling Alexander much to his probable annoyance), a shy, lovely young man from Spain was already seated. Anderson who, despite being the one who laughed least at my antics, seemed in many ways the most mature. He didn’t appear goofy or mercurial, as many of the other actors did – and I mean that in a good way – but, rather, reserved and kind, always observing his surroundings rather than remarking on them.

Moments later, a buzz of energy could be heard and the rest of the cast showed up and with it a bubble of electricity that never waned throughout what I would learn is a very long day shooting gay porn. I eventually grouped the six guys in order of the voltage of their personalities. Luke, an easy, hail-fellow-well-met sort of personality and Anderson laid low throughout much of the day. Jessie, a beautiful blonde boy with an easy, infectious laugh from Nebraska whose publicity pictures, I’m afraid to say, don’t do him nearly the justice he warrants, and Evan, a sweet, guy-next-door type from Ohio played a much larger role in the day’s tomfoolery. And then there were Chase and Casey. Chase, from Alabama, could have been straight out of central casting for a Leave It To Beaver-type show. He is self-assured, talkative, and very friendly. And then there is Casey Tanner. A buck thirty worth of personality that voraciously overpowers the room in which he is in. He is absolutely full of himself (a façade, I’m guessing) but also absolutely one of the most entertaining people to be around. He’s very, very clever and has a sense of irony rarely found among someone so young (or in his generation, for that matter).

I won’t lie. The day was long and by the end of it, my Prima Donna side was starting to seep through – Imagine! – but what kept me endlessly fascinated and sustained me even when, at about 5:30P, Alex and Casey announced they we still had about four more hours to go, was watching Alex work.

I, on the other hand, had a blast. A ready and willing audience appreciative of my snarky humor? Six beautiful actors? A beautiful sound man named Kurt Summers? All under the direction of Alex Roman? I may have played the part of cruel priestly schoolmaster but it sure did seem like I died and went to heaven.