Helix Studios Today | Episode Two: The Jacob Hansen Story

You see the amazing men of Helix on screen, but there is much more to them than just a hot body and that is part of what the Helix Studios Today Podcast is all about!

Jacob Hansen is coffee loving, corn fed man of the Heartland. Sure, he is a hot top and power bottom, but he also has a huge heart. The Helix family has been inspired by Jacob the last few months.

In this podcast you’ll hear Jacob’s back story of growing up in the corn and soybean fields of rural Illinois, find out why his Mom wasn’t upset when she found out he was gay, his interesting reason for coming to Helix and Jacob’s lust for travel. At 22 Jacob has lived in and explored more places that many people do in a lifetime.

More than anything else Jacob has shown he has the courage and strength to endure the pain of the loss of the love of his life, Helix model Alex Riley.

As many of you may know Jacob and Alex were deeply in love…a real Gay Entertainment power couple, but that all came crashing to an end with Alex’s sudden death on May 9th.

In this podcast Jacob talks about how he is dealing with his grief, including setting up a GoFundMe account that raised $10,000 for Alex’s family and what his road ahead looks like.

If you’re new to Helix, sure you’ll find stunning gay adult erotic entertainment, but it’s a lot more as the Helix stars explore young gay life and love. Have you seen their Amazon Prime Channel? It’s a great way to get a Safe For Work taste of Jacob and many of the other men of Helix…Season Two of the anthology series Helix Studios Presents is now available.

Helix is also proud to have a YouTube channel…what you haven’t seen it!? Don’t wait, just click it; Helix Studios TV!

Helix is always looking for ways to better serve you, your comments are welcome and encouraged!

Next week you’ll get to better know one of the ‘Top Men’ at Helix, Josh Brady.

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  1. Keep the faith Jacob and known you are loved by all and not alone when mourning the death of Alex. My first thoughts were of you Jacob when I heard of his death. I’d like to say that it’s gets better but that sounds so cliché.


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