Love is…

Coming home to see your lover

Jessie Montgomery & Jacob Dixon

 Running your hand through his hairBoyfriends Andy Taylor & Evan Parker

Being in his arms

Ryker Madison & Connor Maguire

Knowing where he’s ticklish

Jacob Dixon & Daniel Bishop

Sharing a kiss

Kyler Ash & Ian Levine in "Valentine's Romance"

Sharing a bed


Working with your friends

Cybersocket Web Awards

Dressing down with your friends

Hitting the town with the Helix boys


Liam Riley, Andy Talyor and Roman Daniels


Helix Academy 2 with Jacob and Casey

Love is something all of us here at Helix Studios would like to extend to you, especially on this Saint Valentine’s Day. Thank you for being part of the love that inspires so many things: friendship, romance, compassion, trust, forgiveness, patience, comfort, safety and great sex.

Love is complicated but we keep loving because that’s where life is found. It’s where the most creativity is happening, where you find people still fighting for meaning. All the love to you our friends, from now to infinity.

1 thought on “Love is…”

  1. sans l’amour, il n’y a plus de vie, de joie, d’espoir, d’espérance,
    l’amour, c’est la rencontre, le partage, la sensibilité, l’émotion,
    l’amour, c’est le rayon de soleil qui réchauffe son propre cœur et qui s’éteint s’il y a séparation,
    l’amour, c’est la rencontre avec l’autre,
    l’amour, c’est la découverte de l’autre.
    Si tout s’ébranle en nous,c’est que l’amour est bien là.
    Moi qui souffre de vivre dans la solitude. Je n’ai rien de tout cela.
    Alors, HélixStudios me change les idées et me donne de l’espoir.


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