Helix Studios Owner and Executive Producer in Episode Seven of Helix Studios Today

As the founder of Helix Studios, Keith Miller has done more than create a gay adult entertainment studio. He’s created a lifestyle. Call it Helix World—a universe in which everyone is beautiful, charming and free from the hang-ups of the sex-negative society around them.

Keith was too modest to even bring it up in the podcast, but here is what GayVN said about him as he was inducted into their Hall of Fame in 2019:

It is not often in life that you get to interview one of your idols. Keith has succeed for close to two decades in doing what many, including me, only dreamed of doing.

And yes, as you’ll hear, the passion to continue to bring you the hottest men having amazing adventures and intense sex is just as strong as it was when the first video was released in 2002.

From the beaches of South Florida to our Las Vegas heat, Helix has had an amazing journey. Even I was surprised at how many scenes are available to you when you subscribe.

And how many of those scenes was Keith in as his alter ego Jeff Stern?

Listen and find out!

Let me give you a taste of the evolution, here is the link to one of Jeff’s first scene in 2002 and the most recent he appeared in from 2018



The major players in gay adult entertainment 20 years ago barely noticed the start of Helix- thanks to the hard work of Keith and his team, Helix is now one of them.

With Keith’s continued leadership and infectious enthusiasm, the best for Helix is still to come.

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