Can You Guess That Helix Boy Butt?

Let’s play a round of “Guess That Ass!” Whether you like to rim them, spank them, lick them, grab them, bite them or cuddle up with them a great ass deserves to be appreciated daily, nightly and ever so rightly. While I am also attracted to nice faces (and personalities) in my heart of hearts I’m an Ass Man.

Ass Man: A distinguished gentleman who often picks his dates from the back and can appreciate and prefer the finer things in life…such as a boy’s booty. For me asses are like art. Lots of people have them but there’s a select few that are just near impossible to look away from. Something about them is so mesmerizing that it really makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

You’ve been warned: Dangerous curves ahead! Try recognizing your favorite stars by looking at their bottom line. Can you figure out which butt belongs to: Evan Parker, Jessie Montgomery, Matthew KeadingAndy Taylor, Max Carter, Scotty ClarkeDamon ArcherKyle Ross, Casey TannerJamie Sanders and Peter Cross?

Click each photo to see the answer…

Andy Taylor Casey Tanner Damon Archer Evan Parker Jamie Sanders Jessie Montgomery Kyle Ross Matthew Keading Max Carter Scotty Clarke

Ass Man Pro Tip: Get a great view of that ass with Reverse Cowgirl! It’s like watching porn and having sex at the same time…and you get to let him do all the work 😉 Check out more Anal Sex Positions

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  6. I think the idea itself it all wrong. If ur going to remake steel maaoglins rename the movie and change the names of the ppl in the movie. I will not go watch it if it stays the same idea

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