13 Red Media Welcomes Ryan Gordon

It is with pride and excitement that 13 Red Media announces the hiring of Ryan Gordon.  Mr. Gordon brings with him twenty-one years of experience in video and photo production. His work has been sought after both in and out of the adult industry, earning acclaim from consumers and critics.

Though the nature of the upcoming project has yet to be disclosed, 13 Red Media’s owner, Mr. Keith Miller, says: “I am very eager to work with Ryan as he expands our roster of producers. Not only is Ryan experienced and talented, he’s a creative force and a forward thinker. We’re thrilled to welcome him to the team.”

It is the familial atmosphere of 13 Red Media’s subsidiaries, Helix Studios and 8teenBoy, that drew Mr. Gordon to the company. “I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with 13 Red Media while exploring an unpaved territory of the adult film industry. The autonomy Keith offers has empowered and invigorated my production assistant and me. We can’t wait to share the beautiful outcome.”

Stay tuned for updates and follow Ryan Gordon on Twitter @RyanXGordon.

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