6 thoughts on “Hunky Andres!”

  1. Just saw your newest scene with Wade and Eric. Loved the mini interview up front. These are so much fun hope you plan to keep doing them. Loved the look on Wade’s face when Eric made a comment about magnums. Also loved Wade’s answer about the slapping sounds.

    I was looking at the model blog about my all time favorite model Skyelr Bleu and noticed that you added a bit about him but you SPELLED his NAME WRONG!!!

    I have noticed that while I watch all your new scenes the ones with Skyelr Blue are the ones I go to all the time. Please bring him back soon and not just for one scene. He is greatly missed.

  2. Your welcome. It keeps him from getting lost with any other model named Skyler.

    Now please tell me you are bringing him back for more scenes. Notice the “s” at the end of scenes.


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