Cybersocket Spotlight: Kevin Kandy

Cybersocket Magazine Spotlight

If you’re passing by your local gay rag stands don’t forget to pick up the nationally published Cybersocket magazine. January’s issue of Cybersocket features none other than Helix Studios’ Exclusive Kevin Kandy. Here is a snippet of the spotlight:

There are a lot of 19-year-olds who do porn, but very few can say that they’ve been signed as an exclusive with a major studio. In fact, Kevin Kandy is the youngest exclusive that Helix Studios has ever signed. So far he’s appeared in eight scenes, but we have a feeling that’s only the beginning. Originally from France, this 5’10” tall porn prodigy loves to travel, works out regularly, and sticks to a strictly organic, vegan diet. His thick, 10″ cock is pure porn gold, so it’s nice to see him taking such good care of his assets – and it’s always refreshing to see a young porn star with his head in the right place. For XXX Photos, check out this story on!

Pick up Cybersocket this month to see more photos and read Kandy’s interview to find out what makes this ‘sexy vegan’ tic.

4 thoughts on “Cybersocket Spotlight: Kevin Kandy”

  1. Kevin Kandy the youngest exclusive helix has ever signed?It seems to me that Cody Cachet,Chad Fitch or Ashton Michaels were younger.However,the main thing isn’t here for me.The fact is that Kevin is totally,completely hot!!!And a great actor too!!!

  2. I agree with Sixtine about Cody, Chad or Ashton. I don’t think Kevin is your youngest but he is really good. Wouldn’t it be fun to see Kevin and his twin doing a 4 way?

  3. Always the hot ones are hot when you eat them. Like Hot wings. But this boy, He’s normal looking. That is what makes the Hotties Jealous. Personally, I think the Eagle Scouts T-shirt is what makes this twink a sure sell along with his natural appearance for showing it all off. I am just in it for the $ … I am someone in it though so I hope my comments matter. Even though they came from the inside side of the business , shouldn’t matter.

  4. I love your Title (Overwrite) Studios part! Shenanigans at Helix Studios. Naughty boys of the Major Brand Names. Tisk-Tisk …… With a name like Helix Shenanigans, who needs to search for a Party at a night club? That Title is the party of the Night.


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