Helix Academy wins MOVIE OF THE YEAR

The 14th Cybersocket Web Awards were handed out on Wednesday night at the Eleven Nightclub in West Hollywood. There were plenty of familiar faces at the star studded event as well as a few surprises from the judges when the winners were revealed. Helix Studios had a strong showing at this year’s annual awards with seven nominations including Best Video Site, Best Mobile Site and Best Sex Scene for the “Helix Live Show Orgy”. It proved to be a night of big wins for twinks across the industry with Helix Academy winning Movie of the Year and the two other prominent prizes going to Levi Karter (Best New Porn Star) and Johnny Rapid (Best Porn Star). We would like to congratulate all the winners and send a big THANK YOU to our fans for voting Helix Academy your Movie of the Year!

It’s an incredible honor and truly humbling to follow last year’s Movie of the Year win for The Cage with this kind of recognition. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your support on this 11 year journey. We have a few big surprises for you in 2014 and with your help we hope to be doing this all again next year! One of the great things about porn award shows is you get to rub up against some of the hottest stars and mingle with the people behind the scenes who make the movie magic happen. So without further ado, enjoy a night in Hollywood celebrating a year of hard work with the best boys in the business:

Road tripping to Los Angeles
Andy Taylor and Evan Parker suited up
So which one of you is a top?
The Usual Suspects: Roman Daniels, Alex Roman, Casey Tanner, Stefan Nash, Ryker Madison, Evan Parker and Andy Taylor
Taylor…Andy Taylor
Looks like the stars and the moon are out tonight!
Liam Riley and Casey Tanner with BEST NEW PORN STAR Levi Karter
Date night for boyfriends Evan Parker and Andy Taylor
The Ohio boys: Casey Tanner, Levi Karter, Connor Kline and Roman Daniels
Director Alex Roman getting some fresh air with his budding young star Ryker Madison
Fanservice with @MissMMartine 😉
Waiting for the awards to start
Helix Studios Producer Keith Miller flanked by his beautiful boys
Keith’s acceptance speech for Movie of the Year: Helix Academy
Back-to-back Movie of the Year winner Keith Miller
Your 2013 Movie of the Year: Helix Academy
Helix Studios second Cybersocket Movie of the Year Award!

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