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BEHIND THE SCENES: Helix Academy Bloopers

“Helix Academy 5” with Scotty Clark and Evan Parker is less than two weeks away! Before meeting the fresh new faces of the incoming class it seems appropriate to pay tribute to the stars that helped bring so much charisma to the first installment of the storied twink charter school. Dive further into the secrets surrounding Helix Academy only this time they’re not as dark and devious as those explored in the film. Instead, the Helix Academy Blooper reel showcases the silly side of the cast and crew proving once again that all work and no play is definitely not the Helix way. Although the rigors of pulling off a production like Helix Academy requires plenty of hard work, to me the success of the film came from the community that developed during those late nights on set: the jokes and small moments that everyone bonded around which ultimately brought a light-heartedness to the screen. Get to know Father Glenn and all the boys of Helix Academy in these exclusive Behind the Scenes bloopers.

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MUSIC VIDEO: Blurred Lines (Gay Porn Parody)

Update: Helix’s “Blurred Lines” is featured on the front page of Slate as their favorite music video parody! J. Bryan Lowder expounds on the sexist nature of the original video featuring topless models in nude thongs dancing around fully-clothed male singers. He contrasts Robin Thicke, T.I. and Pharrell’s misogynistic behavior to the Helix boys who “are equally subsumed by their ‘animal’ (read: barely clothed) natures”. Read: This is the “Blurred Lines” Parody We Needed

Robin Thicke’s original “Blurred Lines” video featured plenty of hot models but nothing like Helix’s ALL STAR #TWINKE lineup including Jessie Montgomery, Andy Taylor, Jamie Sanders, Kyle Ross, Evan Parker, Stefan Nash, Chase Young, Kurt Summers, Kyler Ash, Aiden Summers and new boy Daniel Bishop. Mr. Thicke explained the title by saying: “I’ve realized as I’ve gotten older that we all think we’re living either in a black or white world, or on a straight path, but most of us are living right in between those straight lines.” He went on to reflect that “the last year I’ve been wanting to have more fun. I think I took myself very seriously…and I just really wanted to have fun again, we wanted to be young again and we wanted to dance again and go out with our friends, so I wanted to make music that reflected that culture also.” The Helix boys definitely bring the dancing and sexy fun back in this gay porn parody of Robin’s #1 hit!

“Blurred Lines” Gay Porn Parody brought to you by PornHub

All underwear and swimwear courtesy of Mankind San Diego.

FUNNY FRIDAYS: First Time Remembered Outtakes

Helix Studios has taken you inside the horny teenage memories of the young Helix boys with First Time Remembered and First Time Remembered Volume 2 as the twinks recounted all the expectations and excitement surrounding the first time having sex. These reenactments of the intimate confessionals is a unique look into what these porn stars were like as innocent virgins…but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun at their naive expense! This week’s Helix Funny Fridays pokes fun at the boy’s cherry-popping teenage experiences because first time sex isn’t always meant to be so serious 😉

Catch up on all the “First Time” action including Corey’s First TimeJamie’s First Time RememberedFirst Time Boy BreedingAnderson’s First Time RememberedDallas’ First Time RememberedChristian’s First Time RememberedDerrick’s First Time RememberedKyler’s First Time RememberedMax’s First Time RememberedLevi’s First Time RememberedTanner’s Secret CrushRoss’ First Time RememberedA First Time RememberedChase’s First Time Remembered and Luke’s First Time Remembered at


Evan Parker in a Star Wars porno! Twink fantasy meets epic space opera in this week’s Funny Fridays as the boys of Helix Studios embark on a phallic space adventure to save a galaxy far far away. Join Evan as he is tempted by the Dark Side and does battle with the tight ass holes of Aiden Summers, Austin Ried, Jordan Thomas, Kyler Ash, Kyle Ross and Kurt Summers. Complete with Lightsaber penises, cockpod races and enemies that must be topped, Cock Wars promises to be one sexy space porn!

And now, gay Star Wars:

“Luke, at that speed do you think you’ll be able to pull out in time?”

“You’re all clear, kid. Now let’s blow this thing and go home!”

“Possible he came in through the south entrance.”

“Stay on target. Stay on target!” “Negative; it didn’t go in.”

FUNNY FRIDAYS: You Nasty Pervert

Helix Studios Live gives fans exclusive access to the real lives of America’s hottest twinks and jocks, but not even the freaky Helix audience was prepared for Michael Lee and his cocky big swinging Las Vegas attitude! Get inside Michael’s perverted mind as he serenades you with a nasty slow jam about his “little butt hole” and giant floppy uncircumcised penis. If you can handle more of his flirty antics, don’t miss Michael Lee Live now playing at Helix Studios.

FUNNY FRIDAYS: Attack of Dickzilla!

With all the premium gay porn Helix Studios has been pumping out we offer a bit of comic relief for this week’s Funny Fridays installment. Fans will recall a time before Helix Academy and the award-winning The Cage became the industry standard, back when low-quality porn dominated convenience stores and free tube sites.

Nostalgic for the days when porn quite literally sucked, we give you Attack of Dickzilla! an Asian-style porno based on the popular Roman Daniels and Josh Pierce twink fuckfest “The Student teaches the Tutor”. Dickzilla! pays homage to Godzilla and late night Kung Fu flicks, complete with elongated footage, a cheeky overacted plot, hilarious non-sync voice overs and Roman’s huge (pixelated) penis! Enjoy censored porn at its best, just like if you were jerking it in Japan…

FUNNY FRIDAYS: Undercover Lover

The inaugural Helix Studios Funny Fridays presents a short film harkening back to the Golden Age of classic Hollywood cinema when porn stars just shut up and let their hard dicks and fast pounding do the talking. Bouncy bottom Chase Young and vintage stud Hayden Clark deliver the sexy slapstick action in this retro rendition of the 5 Star Undercover Lover. Cinematic climax takes on a whole new meaning when these American hunks deliver a Black-and-White double cumshot after Hayden’s thick cock takes Chase’s tight bubble butt for a ride. Roll out the red carpet because Oscar is going to want a piece of this!