FUNNY FRIDAYS: Attack of Dickzilla!

With all the premium gay porn Helix Studios has been pumping out we offer a bit of comic relief for this week’s Funny Fridays installment. Fans will recall a time before Helix Academy and the award-winning The Cage became the industry standard, back when low-quality porn dominated convenience stores and free tube sites.

Nostalgic for the days when porn quite literally sucked, we give you Attack of Dickzilla! an Asian-style porno based on the popular Roman Daniels and Josh Pierce twink fuckfest “The Student teaches the Tutor”. Dickzilla! pays homage to Godzilla and late night Kung Fu flicks, complete with elongated footage, a cheeky overacted plot, hilarious non-sync voice overs and Roman’s huge (pixelated) penis! Enjoy censored porn at its best, just like if you were jerking it in Japan…

3 thoughts on “FUNNY FRIDAYS: Attack of Dickzilla!”

  1. To : Models / Roman Daniels,
    Dearest Rome,
    Pl..make your hair like earlier. Back comb… Pl..when back comb you look very sweet & sexyyyyyy…
    Your present hair style is very bad… Pl..Do dear..


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