Who’s the better bottom?

Gay for Pay Fucking

It’s that age old question, who’s the better bottom? Straight jock Julian Smiles had the pleasure of coming to Helix Studios and taking command of two of our hottest twink bottoms, Sencer Keve and Kyle Ross. So we wanna know … Read more

Blond Bombshell

This weekend a blond bombshell went off and it included three of Helix Studios’ hottest models. Kyle Ross, Max Carter and Luke Allen meet in the Helix Studios board room to brainstorm about new positions for upcoming scenes when the … Read more

Cover Preview – Kyle Ross

Kyle Ross in Cheating BFS

It’s been a busy month for Kyle Ross. He made his first gay porn scene debut back on December 1st with then boyfriend Breck Chambers. Now Ross has made the cover with Breck for “Cheating BFS” slated to release in … Read more

Kyle Ross and Max Carter Holiday Greeting

Kyle Ross and Max Carter

The past two weeks have been nonstop filming for Helix Studios and we’ve got some great new twink content we are exited to share with you in the new year! Be prepared to see some genuine passion between Max Carter … Read more