Chase Pounds Jessie Outdoors

We couldn’t have paired a better combo than Jessie Montgomery and Chase Young for an outdoors gay fucking scene. These two are wild and crazy (growlers, if you will). Watch these two young 8 teen boys make out and build … Read more

It Begins With A Click

Jessie Montgomery’s seductive solo video starts with a click of a light switch in a room solely focused on this boy’s silky white skin. One of Helix Studios’ latest exclusives glides his hands all over his tight twink body bringing … Read more

Chase Young Is A Hot Top

Just when you thought Chase Young’s ass was his only ASSet, a scene like tonight’s comes along. Chase Young recalls his first time having gay sex and describes it in great detail for our crew to recreated. As his sexcapades … Read more

Dallas Trenton Returns To Helix Studios

Dallas Trenton returns to Helix Studios after a brief hiatus in the real world (boring!) I mean who actually likes the real world anyways? So many angry politicians, religious freaks and more. The porn world has just so much more … Read more