SNEAK PEEK: Helix Academy

The Helix Insider was on set for Helix Academy to bring you exclusive Behind the Scenes action from Helix Studios’ newest film featuring an A+ twink role call including Casey TannerLuke AllenJessie Montgomery, Evan ParkerChase Young, and Anderson Lovell. The boys are at their teenage high school horniest and with so many big dick studs on campus it didn’t take long for the schoolboys to ditch class and chase down their secret crush. There was plenty of flirty fun off-set, with even the production team getting in on the extracurricular action!

Helix Year Book: Jessie Montgomery, Chase Young, Casey Tanner, Evan Parker, Luke Allen, & Anderson Lovell
After School Tutor
Star jock Kellan Parker tutors Casey Tanner after school
School Boy Sex
A hard day of class continues with Casey Tanner getting some after school anal
Upper Classmen
They say you learn more outside the classroom
AV Club
The cutest A.V. Club around
Action Man Aiden
Aiden Summers is an action man
Jessie Montgomery Class Clown
Class Clown: Jessie Montgomery
Sexiest Senior: Chase Young
Sexiest Senior: Chase Young
Luke Allen Looking for a Ride After School
Biggest Flirt: Luke Allen
Secret Crush: Anderson Lovell
Secret Crush: Anderson Lovell
High School Heart Throb
Most Athletic: Evan Parker
School's Out!
School’s OUT at Helix Academy!

Helix Insider Tip: Casey Tanner and Evan Parker didn’t have to stretch their acting talent for Helix Academy considering they just graduated High School! Can you imagine paying attention in class with the Helix Boys roaming the halls!?

7 thoughts on “SNEAK PEEK: Helix Academy”

  1. This sounds like a fantastic movie, but i have a question where are all the Helix bareback movies?
    I like all the Helix movies, but have to tell you your bare-backs are much hotter, this would have been super hot if it was bareback. The boys in this, although great are much hotter when they are in their bareback persona.


  2. It seems that helix/boycrush have been back tracking from the salacious condom-free offerings. There might be a bit of the anti-bareback backlash behind this decision. They (the producers Miller, Kay, etc..) are not releasing condom-free material from the website to DVD. I seem to remember that BelAmi USED to think this way…Come on guys!! Keep ramping up your condom-free titles, and web compilations. Thanks

  3. I want to meet Luke Allen. I could be happy just looking into his eyes. Oh Luke, let me be forever happy!


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