6 thoughts on “Sencer After His Cum Shot”

  1. Sensor appears so often now that he is getting boring. You did that to Derrick too in the beginning. Thank goodness he isn’t on all the time now and I can look forward to seeing his new scene tonight.

    One has to wonder if anyone high up at Helix looks at the Top Rated scene list. If they did they would notice that Skyelr Bleu has 7 scenes alone on page 1 and within the first 5 pages he has a total of20 scenes. Much more than any other Helix model.

    Don’t you think that means maybe we want to see a lot more of Skyelr???

    • Bobby,

      It is apparent you are one of Skeylr’s biggest fans. Skyelr has over 50 scenes on our website, so naturally we do not release Skyelr all day everyday. You will continue to see new Skyelr scenes in the future, though maybe not as often as you might like. I would encourage you to watch the other 51 scenes of Skyelr until his new scenes are released.

  2. Seth;
    I don’t expect you to release Skyelr scenes “all day everday” as you said. But since he has so many in the Top Rated, Keith Miller owner of Helix Company might want to rethink its release policy and have more than 3 in a 3 month time frame for him.

    And yes I am one of his biggest fans but I guarantee there are many more fans out there. Rob SC & Chucky Baer to name a few other fans. Otherwise he wouldn’t have 7 scenes on page 1. And I do watch a few scenes of his each and everyday.

  3. Bobby,
    I respect your opinion as I too am a big Skyelr is definately a favorite of mine. But I am sure that are logistic issues that the studio has to work with as well. They have these boys come in an do a series of scenes, then they have post production work to prepare them for release. It only makes sense that they may have some of the scenes for a particular model bunched up in somewhat short order. Some of these models are short lived then some of them find a true home here at Helix like Skyelr. But I feel overall that the studio does a pretty good job of giving us a decent mix of scenes and models as a norm.

    Maybe it is that Sencer and Derrick are not your cup of tea. I had an instance where I do not particulary care much for some of the Fratboy or Latinstuds scenes, that is fine, because in a day or so there will be something surely to my liking.

    Overall, I say “Hats Off” to the work that Helix does for it’s members, and Thank You.


  4. Rick,
    I understand the logistics but since many of the boys like Skyelr live in California a bit more of a mix would be nice.

    Sensor has had 7 scenes since July 6th and 4 more to come up in a short few weeks. Just makes it a little boring, predictable. A little more of a mix would be nice.

    And for the record the first couple of scenes Sensor was in were intriguing. And I do like Derrick’s scenes. His are just a little more spread out now.

    I agree with you on Latin Studs. Just didn’t really like them. Not sure what turned me off. Some of the Frat boys are really good. And since we do pay for this site they should take into account what all of us say.


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