11 thoughts on “Ryan & Colby Raw!”

  1. This was a very good scene. You should do more with Colby. He is very good. Ryan too but he appears often in your scenes.

    When will Skyelr Blue’s next scene be released?

  2. Cody might come back in a new scene but I don’t think it would be with his (ex) partner.I read on facebook they have recently broken up.

  3. I don’t think it’s the reason,their breakup is very recent apparently(3 or 4 weeks) and Cody’s last scene was months ago now… 🙁

  4. While others are asking about some of the more experienced guys how about a few others who haven’t been around recently.

    Keith Connor
    Adam Scott
    Matthew Summers
    Zack Mason
    Max Morgan
    Tristan Somers
    Ashton Michaels
    Tommy Anders
    Drake Angel
    Casper Benz
    Seth Adams
    Hayden Chandler

    Any chance for new scenes with these guys.

  5. Keith is a good,very hot model but if I remember correctly,he isn’t interested in doing porn anymore,too bad!
    Otherwise,I’m not into these models personally,but these guys are good(except Drake Angel but it’s matter of taste!)and I would enjoy to see them again and a few others like Cody ♥♥♥ first and foremost,Dan Ryan, Jayden(his scene with Paul is one of the best scenes in 2010)Kayden and Aidan Michaels.


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