Mr. Andy Taylor’s Top 10

Andy Taylor’s star continues to burn bright as he’s built a vast body of work that frankly speaks for itself. These 10 scenes offer a glimpse of Andy’s versatility and the depth of his talent from his seductive fantasy sequences to his signature double cumshot. Get to know the Helix Studio stud and his unique brand of southern comfort with this introduction to everything that is Andy:

1) One Last Time

hx106_scene35_027 hx106_scene35_011

2) Sex en Rouge

hx105_scene5_002 hx105_scene5_037

3) Phoenix Heat for Three & Threeway Twinks


4) Playing with Fire

hx105_scene3_004 hx105_scene3_037

5) Real Cam: Evan Parker & Andy Taylor

hx104_scene56_001 DCIM100GOPRO

6) A Thousand Miles

hx104_scene87_001 hx104_scene87_024 7) Moving Day

hx106_scene88_002 hx106_scene88_0278) Lovers’ Lookout

hx107_scene2_007 hx107_scene2_022

9) Sex Boutique

hx106_scene11_008 hx106_scene11_027

10) Evan Parker Bottoms

hx103_scene51_018 hx103_scene51_020

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4 thoughts on “Mr. Andy Taylor’s Top 10”

  1. Hi, have a question. Why do so many gay porn videos ,[not just Helix], want to feature and glamorize anal sex [intercourse]?
    I see the expression of pain on the face of many “bottoms”.
    Despite the best lubes, serious injury to the anal sphincter and delicate rectal membrane tissue can occur.
    Have any Helix models had to be treated at a hospital or clinic for “job related injuries”?

  2. In regards to the comment I just left above, you can plainly see the expression of pain on the face of the “bottom” in one of the photos above.


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