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In the past week Helix Studios has introduced FREE extra bonus content in our members area. This footage is all raw and reality based to give you fans an idea of what happens beyond the porn scenes. Our current schedule of Helix Studios full releases will still remain the same: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. We look forward to bringing you more ways to connect and get to know our models beyond the ordinary gay porn scenes. With Helix Studios live shows, behind the scenes, blog updates and more, fans can have their finger on the pulse of all things Helix.

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  1. I have to give ESPN a pass on this one. My BS meter spiked up to red when I heard this former Hara;h&#39rs employee never filed a police report (something the girl in the Kobe case DID) and has a history of depression and other problems.I think it's a money grab, and ESPN already has enough stories on David Beckham to cover that subject.


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