Lyons in Ecstasy

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars and at 51 votes, the recent Fratboy scene with power top Michael Lee and bottom boy Jake Lyons has been getting some much deserved attention from our frequent bloggers. There is no doubting that Lee met his match when Lyons jumped on board to ride his thick cock. Here’s a bit from Lyons himself explaining the bliss of cumming after a good power top fucked his ass. Take it from Lyons, “His cock hits the spot just right.”

10 thoughts on “Lyons in Ecstasy”

  1. It would have been so much better if this kid could have left out half the “fucks” he said. He used that word a least 50 times. After a while you just want to stop listening because you just know he doesn’t know any other words.

  2. What has happened to Hot Studs? You haven’t filmed anything under that category in months…

    And get Jeff Sterne back on Spank This. Sometimes a spanking scene turning into sex is okay but recently all your spanking scenes always have sex to them.

  3. More Skyelr!!! A true 5***** model if there ever was one.

    How about bring back some of the models from 2009-Tristan Sommers, Zack Mason, Colby London, Coy, Matthew Summers, Adam Scott, Paul Pratt to name a few. Some of your new guys just aren’t that good. They don’t seem to have any chemistry with the other model in the scene. And the votes reflect that…

  4. I don’t think that the votes reflect something.Everyone doesn’t vote and even among those who vote,everyone doesn’t vote in the same proportions.I have a concrete example:a scene which was rated 4.9 / 5 and was one of the most popular has fallen to 4.7, while a few hours.The ranking of most viewed videos is much more meaningful to me.After all is a matter of taste.

  5. That’s why we are each able to voice our opinions however when you watch a video and the boy is flaccid after the video has been running for 7 minutes that speaks volumes.

    All it takes is one low ball vote to drop a video from 4.95 to 4.7.

  6. I agree with the comments above – with one exception. Chad Fitch is certainly one of the best looking models you’ve EVER had – and he is still exclusive with you right? Bring more of him! And yes – definitely more Cody Cachet, Skyelr Blue, Zack Mason etc. The recent crop have been second or third tier, or in one case downright ugly!

  7. Chad Fitch is efinitely hot. I like Devlan, too. What I’m NOT into is shaved pubes. It’s been the trend for a few years now and I wish it would go away!

    Michael Lee and Jake Lyons – I like bot of them. Michael’s cock is amazing but it would get me more “in the mood” if he at least pretended to like the guy he’s fucking. I know he’s straight and all but if you can’t bring yourself to kiss a guy, you just can’t be that convincing.

  8. Bobby,I agree it’s possible but only for a new video,a video not rated very much.It wasn’t the case of this one.We can’t change the rating of a video as easily except with multiple voting.Moreover, it is very rare to see a video good rating now
    while some scenes are really hot.
    Otherwise,I think too that the new models aren’t as hot as the older(Cody Cachet,Skyler Blue,Paul Pratt and so on)except some who are really good like Steffen Van,Jayden Ellis,Marc Miles or a the new Ashton,Ashton Rush.

  9. You can only vote once. If you try a second time or forgot you voted for this one and try again you get a message stating you already voted for this one. Good system. I think when they instituted our voting they should have told us what each star meant. Obviously 1 is poor and 5 super hot but where do the others really stand.

    I agree with you a couple of the new ones are hot but one you mentioned I don’t like at all. What I see with the new ones is they just are in a rush to finish the scene. Pairing a new fellow with an experienced guy will help the scenes a lot.

    Also as I see it “TWINK” is a young 20ish guy, slender, little or no body&facial hair. There are a few that don’t fit into that category. If I wanted to watch hairy chests/bellies/asses I would be into BEARS. I’m not.


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