Kellan Parker: Resident Hot Jock at Helix Academy

Kellan Parker
Kellan Parker

Helix Academy is known for its smooth twink student body but in upperclassman Kellan Parker there’s one muscular hunk on campus to show the young boys their place: bottoming for his raging cock. Kellan may be a straight RA at the all-boys private school but likes nothing more then abusing his authority–and the twinks–at Kennedy Hall. The schoolboys fall for the star jock’s hot bod before being seduced by the senior stud into joining the mysterious Crescent Club fraternity. When young voyeur Jessie Montgomery spies Kellan fucking Casey Tanner, the blond new boy is already trapped in the sexy and shady ways of Kellan and Helix Academy…

3 thoughts on “Kellan Parker: Resident Hot Jock at Helix Academy”

  1. I’m usually pretty shy about posting up comments on blogs or websites, but I had to compliment you on the production of Helix Academy, which was the main reason why I purchased a membership.

    The second episode was really solid, but I was extremely impressed with the first. For whatever reason, everything just came together perfectly from start to finish. The sex scene between Evan Parker and Luke Allen was smashing (arguably one of the best you’ve ever done). However, I think it was also the smaller moments that really sold the entire package: Jessie Montgomery looking a bit lost and unsure after arriving at his new private school; Jessie quietly and uncomfortably ogling his sleeping roommate in their dorm room; Evan rapidly getting dressed into his school uniform while running to class (the classical music playing in the background was a terrific idea that actually made the entire sequence like something out of a Franco Zeffirelli film). I’d maintain that the shot of Evan running down the dormitory’s front steps, his white shirt billowing open and his tie splitting his athletic chest, is just as much of a turn-on as anything that happens later.

    Anyway, as someone with a huge boarding school fetish, you’ve really knocked the ball out of the park. I’m already praying that Jessie and Evan will both return for future episodes of Helix Academy, or perhaps even a sequel.

  2. Krankyboy,
    Thank you so very much for deciding to comment! Your support gives us confidence that our fans are receptive to the new direction we’re going with films like Helix Academy. Your review is so thoughtful it put a smile on everyone’s face here at the studio and I would love to repost your kind words on this blog, if that’s ok with you 🙂

    The next installment of Helix Academy goes live this Sunday and there will definitely be more Jessie and Evan in future episodes! Thank you for the feedback, it is always greatly appreciated.

  3. Hi Peter!

    Please feel free to repost my comments on the blog. As long as nobody objects or thinks they’re silly. 😉

    I just really wanted to compliment you guys again on a job well done. The first two episodes had a nice polish to them that was both professional and extremely erotic at the same time. I guess I was really surprised when I started watching the opening installment. My first thought was, “Wow, this is actually really good. I feel like I’m watching an art house film.” Acting in a movie isn’t easy, but every member of the cast came off as very credible in their roles. I really believed Jessie playing a soft-spoken, awkward new kid, Evan as the confidently cool and nonchalant roommate with a punctuality problem, Casey Tanner as the sexy and rebellious free spirit. and Kellan Parker as the ripped jock of a residential advisor (although I figured he’d be getting a few demerits for being out of uniform). There’s an authenticity to the project that makes everything work. Whether accidentally bumping into a fellow student while rushing to a morning class or spotting two of your schoolmates getting it on, every situation accurately reflected the type of moments that people usually share during their teenage years.

    And let me say it again — the lovemaking scene between Evan and Luke was sensational — terrific shot selection, good photography, and very well-executed. It actually built from the first kiss to a crescendo by the end. There really was something about that scene which just worked perfectly. It’s hard to describe when a paring between two guys (three counting Jessie as the enthusiastic spectator) comes together just right, but my God… that scene had it in spades. The sequence with Casey and Kellan (and later, Jessie and Casey) was also very nicely done. Who couldn’t love Kellan taking Casey from behind and forcefully pulling his school uniform down his back?

    Whoever directed Helix Academy absolutely knew what he wanted and — so far, at least — got it from everybody.

    And like I said, the inclusion of classical music not only matches the “proper” environment of a coat and tie, all-boys boarding school, but also gives the entire project an overall elegance (hence the comment about how it reminded me of a Zeffirelli film like “A Little Romance”), which is a nice counterweight to when things get more carnal in the story. That was a great choice, and whoever made it deserves a pat on the back.

    Anyway, I’ve been blathering long enough. I’m really looking forward to the remaining episodes, and wish yet again that you would return to Helix Academy in the future for more wicked, uniform ripping naughtiness from the student body.


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