7 thoughts on “For The Cody Lovers…”

  1. I’m not a member right now but I have been many times and sure I will be again,especially if a gorgeous boy come back a day in Helix 😀
    I see some extracts,more or less long of some scenes,here and there and sometimes the entire scene but it’s rather rare,so each time I take a membership,I download all scenes I’m interested in 🙂

  2. Seth,
    You teased me the other day where you annouce the new scenes on the home page for the week. You had listed for July 6th a scene with Skyelr and Blake and then the next day it had been changed. You did it once before a week earlier when you had Skyelr and Kevin Kandy listed as having a scene. So please when will there be a new scene with Skyelr? And please don’t change it…

  3. Thanks Seth…
    I understand Internet glitches all to well. And I am really a computer idiot at heart. I will look foward to July 13th.


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