EXCLUSIVE: The Storm Trailer

The Storm is upon us! Mystery clouds the events that led to this near-future dystopian society where corrupt governments, giant conglomerates and paramilitaries have left much of the world destroyed. Highly trained security forces and anarchist revolutionaries ruthlessly scour a desolate United States caught in the death grips of fear mongering, torture, media manipulation and rampant kidnappings. The new currency is sex and survivors have learned to give a good blow job to secure precious supplies. With The Storm Helix Studios goes full jock featuring a stud cast including hunks Jimmy Clay, Austin Merrick, Connor KlineHayden Clark, Kellan Parker and Connor Maguire!

There’s a sexy survivor for every muscle loving fan: rebel freedom fighter Jimmy Clay, morally conflicted Storm Corp solider Austin Merrick or malevolent firecracker Connor Kline willing to kill anyone in his way. Check out the exclusive trailer and choose which hot jock will help you survive The Storm…

6 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: The Storm Trailer”

  1. Awesome concept! I love it. The trailer is so well done too. Helix Studios truly sets the standard in the porn industry.

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