Conner and Lee Heat Up

Lee fucks Conner hard!

If you haven’t already checked out today’s SpankThis scene I’d suggest skipping reading any further and click directly on the picture above. For those of you who still are reading, I’ll continue to describe this scene that has us sweating with passion.

Lee being the sexual ball of energy he is, as usual, begins to lightly spank the willing and submissive Keith Conner. Wasting little time these two strip down to their underwear and Keith’s ass has never looked better in those briefs. After Keith’s bum is a nice rosy red, in comes the belt but not to beat with, it’s of course to tie him up. Dicks, hands and wet lips cross the smooth plump ass as actions lead into some hot sex. My favorite part -about minute 17- out comes the belt again, aiding in getting a better grip to plunge balls deep into Keith’s appetizing anal area.

It’s only 7:15AM on the west coast and already 46 votes at 4.8 stars. Have you seen this sultry scene yet? 😉

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  1. I’ve seen Deb’s page before & yes, I relaly do like her art. I like how there are not defined lines, but merges of shapes, for beings if you know what I mean. & I love her colours.Noeleen recently posted..


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