8 thoughts on “Aaron Felix On HELIX Live Tonight”

  1. Very good show. Seems like a super nice guy who really cares about his fans. Connection kept coming and going so a good part of the show was blurry. Aaron just kept up the talk to keep the show moving along. Kudos to him.

  2. Seth,

    Couldn’t get the Dirty Boxers site with Skyelr Bleu to play. Can you recap what was said or possibly play the interview on your site?

  3. Thanks. Will it be in your live show area or somewhere else? When will it go up? Any surprises on it that you might want to spill beforehand? I know i ask a lot of questions…

    I had a feeling you might have to join dirtyboxers.com/live to get the show.

  4. Not a morning person Seth?

    The interview with Skyelr was interesting. I knew Skyelr was very computer oriented but didn’t realize just how much. Like I said before it is great to hear the guys talk about themselves and hear about what their goals in life are. Also glad to hear he is filming this weekend. Can’t wait to see anything new by him.

    You guys have a few who want to be doctors, programmers, entrepreneurs and theatrical stars. Haven’t heard any who said lawyer yet but a few come to mind that would fit into that category. Thanks for the diversity.


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