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Paul eats Kyle Ross' Boy Butt

Paul Plunders Kyle’s Boy Butt

Paul eats Kyle Ross' Boy Butt

Paul Pratt is back at Fratboy and this time he’s dipped into the 8teenboy model pool. This big bro, lil bro combo had us wondering, which one would wear the other out sooner? The sexual energy that Kyle Ross brings is something we noticed right away when we signed this bottom boy exclusive, but the carnal appetite that Paul brings seems to be never ending. The warnings were given to Kyle and away they went to film their sex scene.

Paul fucks Kyle at Fratboy.com

It wasn’t long before Kyle and Paul took their first break during filming. Kyle came out to the model lounge and gasped “This fucker is crazy!” Only 15 minutes in and the sweat was already dripping from the skinny twink’s hair and down his smooth body. Ross soon caught his breathe and was ready to finish the ride of his life. Be sure to catch this power bottom meeting his match this Friday via Fratboy.com