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Jessie Montgomery Gay

Jessie Flirts His Way To The Bedroom

Evan Parker Fucks Jessie M

Jessie Montgomery knows what he wants and he knows how to get it. With his luscious lips and adorable eyes, he melts right through Evan Parker‘s doubts. Watch these two hot boys hook up after some eye flirting in tomorrow’s scene.





Jordan Thomas Helix Studios

Jordan Thomas Flips Out

Jordan Thomas flips out when he see’s the beach for the first time… well not really flips out, but he does tumble quite well. Watch this hottie impress us with his gymnastic skills. This sexy gay boy has talent!





Welcome Evan Parker

Evan Parker Helix Studios

Helix Studios has entered into a new age and with that come new models. We’d like to introduce to our Helix Buffs the newest tight bodied hottie Evan Parker. This boy has eyes that sparkle, a body that’s ripped and a sexual appetite that only Helix boys can quench.


Evan Helix Studios

Evan Parker is one of several new models we have in store for 2013 here at Helix Studios and we are excited to share this new batch of boys with our members and fans. For now enjoy Evan’s debut solo, which can only be seen here at Helix Studios.





Older on Younger


There is something about older more dominate gay men fucking the innocent holes of our Helix Studios boys. Maybe it’s the sheer sexuality that the older guys can provide that attract our young boys. Or maybe it’s the innocent and tight holes that attract the seasoned gay men to unload their loads so quickly. Either way we are glad that we can capture the essence of it all here at Helix Studios.

In today’s scene Ezra Taylor so is serious about making the cut that he’ll take coach Hayden Clark‘s giant cock up his hole. Giving Ezra a ride home is the perfect way to get into the boy’s bedroom to squeeze his mega fat boner into Ezra’s virgin hole. Ezra takes it hard, deep and raw without even taking off his Jersey. Watch Ezra’s face turn cherry red as his ass gets bareback ripped by the coach. Ezra gets coaches thick load sprayed on his ass then shoved back into his used twink hole.





Helix Studios Lineup

The Helix Studios production team has been busy filming a brand new set of talent for our fans who enjoy their boys encompassing youth, toned bodies and an appetite to fuck. We are excited to share some brand new faces to the Helix Buffs out there who are ready for Helix to bring new standards to 2013.

We’ve got some exciting news for Helix Buffs, but we don’t want to blow our wad early, so stay tuned to all of our shenanigans for up-to-date gossip and news.

The best has yet to come!